System introduction

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, in the modern power supply system, substation management network, digitization and automation is the inevitable trend of power development, unattended substation, comprehensive management and security management is the only way to power grid modernization.

Combined with the current situation of the power industry, aiming at the security and operation management requirements of unattended substation, communication room and other key places, ZTE Liwei launched the zxpis ZTE power integrated monitoring system (hereinafter referred to as zxpis system) solution.

Zxpis system is based on a certain number of relatively independent substation image monitoring systems. It adopts the tree network topology structure of cascade connection to realize multi-level image monitoring. Its level setting meets the requirements of unattended substation equipment operation, maintenance and management. As an auxiliary monitoring system of power grid, zxpis system aims to realize the video monitoring and environmental monitoring functions of switch yard, high voltage room, main control room, capacitor room, main transformer and battery room in substation, realize the interconnection with security, fire protection, access control and other systems, and linkage with dispatching automation system and integrated automation system.

Zxpis system can easily realize the visual dispatching of the monitoring site, observe the equipment operation and site operation at any time, and timely conduct two-way voice communication between the monitoring center and the monitoring site, so as to effectively prevent accidents Stop misoperation. At the same time, it provides flexible and unified comprehensive application support for accident handling, anti accident drill and emergency command of power supply bureaus at all levels. Production personnel and leaders at all levels can monitor the operation of substation equipment and the work behavior of on-site staff through the system at any time.

Through zxpis system, it can not only monitor the equipment and environment of the monitoring site 24 hours a day in the monitoring center, discover the hidden trouble of the equipment in time, and deal with the fault or accident effectively, but also transmit the monitoring site condition to the power dispatching department, power security department, operation patrol team and other relevant functional management departments in real time, so as to realize the division of specialties Management, reduce the original power management of the middle link, effectively improve the efficiency of power supply management and the overall level of automation, reduce the cost of power supply management, help power enterprises to truly realize the unattended and security of the monitoring site.

system architecture

Zxpis system design multi-level structure, dispatching center, centralized control center (inspection center) and substation monitoring center at all levels are responsible for viewing and managing the system information within the jurisdiction, in order to meet the needs of authority management of management departments at all levels. In a separate set of private network, each functional module is fully integrated, which can effectively carry out daily monitoring, emergency analysis and on-site decision-making, improve power supply reliability, operation and maintenance efficiency and overall automation level, so as to reduce the cost of power supply management. The structure of zxpis system is designed as follows

The networking scheme of zxpis system is designed as follows:

Typical networking diagram of zxpis system

The substation monitoring center of zxpis system is composed of station end processing unit and multiple business subsystems. It has the functions of production safety, equipment safety, personnel management and environmental monitoring of the primary and secondary equipment of the substation, so as to realize the intelligent and digital management of the substation.

Zxpis is a substation integrated management platform integrating image monitoring, data monitoring, alarm service, access control management and other functions. The system provides standard software interface, supports secondary development business, realizes access functions of power industry automation, SCADA, MIS, emergency command and other related systems, and comprehensively realizes substation information construction.

System advantages

Single sign on, unified authentication, unified platform

High reliability design, stable and reliable system

Loosely coupled architecture design, multi-level center interconnection, independent keep alive

Open system platform design, standard com and API interface

Comply with onvif international standards, widely compatible with mainstream front-end equipment

Use the latest mobile technology to experience personal monitoring service

Intelligent routing technology to reduce network load

Professional network management system, convenient maintenance

Electronic maintenance inspection to improve operation and maintenance efficiency

Good lightning protection and anti-interference ability

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