In October, ZTE was the first to complete the verification test of SPN network small particle hard slicing technology led by China Mobile Research Institute in China mobile information port. The test results show that the new small particle technology scheme of SPN successfully realizes the leap from 5g particle to 10m particle of SPN, realizes the minimum 10Mbps hard chip on the hard chip of 5g particle MTN channel based on SPN, supports nx10mbps flexible chip particles, and provides service level hard chip particle delay forwarding and circuit level physical isolation security guarantee, It can provide the best technical support and flexible bandwidth services for delay sensitive services and high-value government enterprise special lines in vertical industries, and lay a solid foundation for verifying the technical feasibility and product application of China Mobile SPN small particle innovation scheme.

ZTE completed the verification test of small particle hard slicing technology of SPN network to realize accurate quality monitoring

At present, 5g construction is in full swing, and vertical industry applications have become the focus of the current 5g industry chain. China Mobile timely proposed a hierarchical service model of exclusive, preferential and exclusive covering industry applications, especially the exclusive service, which puts forward new requirements for flexible slice granularity, high security isolation and deterministic delay and jitter guarantee of SPN slices; At the same time, more and more high-value dedicated line services also put forward the same requirements for the above indicators of SPN slice. Therefore, in order to meet the network slice bearing requirements of vertical industry applications and high-value dedicated line services, providing small particle technology that accurately matches the service bandwidth, isolation, delay and jitter has become an important development direction of SPN technology.

Since July 2019, China Mobile has completed the research and enterprise standard formulation of spn10m small particle technology. It adopts the innovative FG bu (fine grainedbasic unit) frame structure, defines the TDM time slot of 10m particles in the Ethernet physical layer, supports the time slot cross connection of intermediate nodes, and forms an end-to-end rigid hard isolation pipeline of small particles; The technology supports 5g large particles compatible with spnpath layer and provides slicing capability in 10GE standard Ethernet interface. ZTE took the lead in developing products that support the requirements of China Mobile standards and supports the small particle function in the main SPN delivery models. In this verification, ZTE successfully completed the function test of small particle pipeline on SPN network equipment, realized various flexible particle bandwidths of n * 10m, provided end-to-end hard isolation slice pipeline, supported high security isolation, deterministic delay and jitter based on TDM characteristics, and guaranteed the strict performance requirements of small particle slice bearing services; The bit error monitoring and time delay measurement are realized through the on-line OAM function, so as to realize the accurate monitoring of the quality of small particle pipeline.

For a long time, ZTE has cooperated deeply with China Mobile, actively invested in a number of innovations of SPN network small particle technology, actively supported China Mobile Research Institute in the research and formulation of enterprise standard of slicing packet network (SPN) fine-grained slicing technical requirements, took the lead in developing products supporting China Mobile SPN fine-grained slicing enterprise standard in the industry and completed technical verification and testing, We have witnessed the continuous development and expansion of China Mobile SPN technology and its extension to vertical industry application. In the future, ZTE and China Mobile will work together in-depth cooperation in the pilot and commercial deployment of SPN small particle existing network, build a technologically leading and mature SPN network, and provide competitive SPN bearer solutions for vertical industry customers and special line business customers.

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