Recently, DITO Telecom, a fast-growing leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, successfully completed one of the two planned DITO super core data centers in Batangas City.

The DITO super core data center located in Batangas City complies with the UpTIme TIer III design standard. It will become the first data center in the Philippines to complete the UpTIme TIer III certification, aiming to further improve the local digital infrastructure hardware and enhance data service functions .

DITO Telecom Batangas Super Core Data Center

The design of the data center improves the security of network transmission and the performance of resisting natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes. The equipment used in the park also caters to the growing awareness of the telecommunications industry’s concept of reducing losses and green energy conservation.

ZTE is the main partner of DITO Telecom’s super core data center project

ZTE is the main partner of DITO Telecom’s super core data center project, and has been deeply involved in the entire process from local process specification analysis at the initial stage of the project, construction plan consultation, to plan deepening design and project delivery.

The building equipment monitoring system adopts ZTE’s iDCIM intelligent management system to improve the operation efficiency of the data center and achieve green energy conservation. The dynamic environment monitoring system monitors the operating parameters of the data center in real time, providing data support for efficient and energy-saving operation and maintenance.

Compared with the traditional data center with many interfaces, complicated procedures and long construction period, the DITO ultra-core data center adopts ZTE’s micro-module solution, which realizes modularization, standardization, and multiple modules can be installed in parallel, shortening the delivery time by 60%, and flexible deployment. Meet the needs of rapid business online.

Wan Min, General Manager of ZTE Philippines Branch

Wan Min, General Manager of ZTE Philippines Branch, said:

We can regard the DITO super core data center as the heart of the body, only a safe and healthy beating heart can support the business. First, the DITO data center adopts the industry’s advanced design concept and carries out multiple protections, which is truly safe and reliable. It will also become the first data center in the Philippines to complete the Uptime Tier III certification. The second is to adhere to energy conservation and emission reduction, achieve a low PUE value, and use an intelligent management system to manage the energy efficiency of this heart, truly achieving high efficiency and greenness. Finally, fast delivery, DITO super core data center, made the history of data center delivery in the Philippines.

The completion and commissioning of the super core data center proves that DITO is committed to providing world-class telecommunications services, more communication convenience and value to the Filipino people, and aims to achieve the magnificent mission of optimizing the digital environment of the modern society in the Philippines and promoting the transformation of the digital economy.

On the morning of the same day, Zhou Zhiyong, Charge d’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, was invited to attend the inauguration ceremony of the super core computer room in Batangas, a Sino-Philippine joint venture DITO telecommunications company, and delivered a speech. Yang Guoliang, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, Marc Levist, Deputy Governor of Batangas Province, Marivik Castro, Director of the Cyber ​​Security Bureau of the Ministry of Communications of the Philippines, and Imelda, Director of the Supervision Bureau of the National Telecommunications Commission Varchen, DITO senior representatives Atty. Adel Tamano, Rodolfo Santiago, ZTE Vice President Ma Guangji and ZTE Philippines General Manager Wan Min attended the inauguration ceremony.  

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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