On May 8, Ziguang Guowei announced the previous research of reception institutions. During the survey, Ziguang Guowei made a detailed description of the company’s business segment, issuance of convertible bonds and business layout in the field of automotive electronics.


Ziguang Guowei said that the company is one of the major listed companies of integrated circuits in China. It takes intelligent security chips and special integrated circuits as its two main businesses, and simultaneously arranges the fields of semiconductor power devices and quartz crystal frequency devices to provide chips, system solutions and terminal products for mobile communication, finance, government affairs, automobile, industry, Internet of things and other industries.


Intelligent security chip:It mainly includes smart card security chip represented by SIM card chip, bank IC card chip, social security card chip and traffic card chip, and terminal security chip represented by USB key chip, POS security chip and contactless reader chip. At the same time, it can provide innovative terminal products and solutions based on security chip for customers in communication, finance, industry, automobile, Internet of things and other fields.


Special integrated circuit business:The products cover seven series of products, including microprocessors, programmable devices, memory, bus devices, network buses and interfaces, simulator devices, SOPC system devices and custom chips, with nearly 500 varieties. At the same time, it can provide users with ASIC / SOC design and development services and domestic system chip level solutions.


Semiconductor power device business:The products cover SJ MOSFET, Sgt / trend MOSFET, VD MOSFET, IGBT, igto, SiC and other advanced semiconductor power devices, and form a series of mature product application schemes in many fields such as green lighting, wind power generation, smart grid, hybrid / electric vehicles, instruments and meters, consumer electronics and so on.


Quartz crystal frequency device business:The products cover crystal resonators, crystal oscillators, voltage controlled crystal oscillators, temperature compensated crystal oscillators, constant temperature crystal oscillators and other categories. They are widely used in communication equipment, automotive electronics, industrial control, instruments and meters and other fields.


In order to support the medium and long-term R & D investment in the intelligent security chip business, meet the working capital demand and optimize the debt structure, Ziguang Guowei launched the issuance of convertible corporate bonds in the second half of 2020, and plans to raise a total amount of no more than RMB 1.5 billion, which is mainly used for “new high-end security series chip R & D and industrialization project”, “vehicle controller chip R & D and industrialization project” and supplementary working capital. Up to now, the application for convertible bonds has passed the examination of the development and Examination Committee of the CSRC, and the company is still actively promoting it.


In addition, Ziguang Guowei said that the layout of the company in the field of automotive electronics mainly includes vehicle networking products and controller products. The chip applied to the Internet of vehicles is the company’s traditional terminal security chip product, which is specifically used in T-box and other scenarios. The related products have been tested in small batches in domestic vehicles. Vehicle controller chip is a chip product related to vehicle driving safety, which has higher requirements for scientific research investment and technical reserve. With the help of issuing convertible bonds to raise funds and applying for national projects, the company has made use of years of technology accumulation, concentrated the advantages of talents and intellectual property rights, increased investment in vehicle controller chips and industrialization projects, and launched relevant products with market prospects and economic benefits on this basis.


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