Recently, Zibo Bureau of industry and information technology of Shandong Province printed and issued the “2020 industrial and information work opinions”, pointing out that it will plan the future industrial clusters, and focus on building energy storage industrial clusters in 2020.

Al Zibo plans to focus on building energy storage industry cluster in 2020 and strive to increase industrial added value above scale by 6%

The opinion points out that in 2020, Zibo will strive to increase the industrial added value above the scale by 6%, increase the investment in industrial technological transformation by 10%, strive to 15%, cultivate 5 intelligent factories and 30 intelligent workshops, and increase more than 10 provincial-level single champion, invisible champion, gazelle enterprise and specialized and special new enterprise, and the construction of new-type industrialization strong area will be in the forefront of the city.

At the same time, we should focus on expanding the increment and promoting the construction of industrial clusters. It includes focusing on the cultivation of energy storage industry cluster, among which, Shandong Zhongli Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on promoting the production and manufacturing base project of photovoltaic energy storage control system of Shandong Zhongli Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd., and becomes the first company in China to be able to develop and manufacture integrated energy storage machine and controller integrating charging, discharging and driving. Promote the construction of 5GW efficient photovoltaic module production base construction project of Shandong Tenghui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., drive the research and development and production of crystalline silicon solar cells in the upstream, enhance the core competitiveness of domestic solar photovoltaic industry, and build a leading energy storage industry cluster in China.

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