Recently, Zhouming technology, together with Logitech and Tencent, held a conference on the recruitment plan of Zhouming conference all-in-one UBC at Zhouming headquarters.

This press conference will release new products, new solutions and new policies of Zhouming conference all-in-one machine by means of online live broadcasting, and comprehensively empower channel dealer partners. On the day of the press conference, thousands of viewers watched the live broadcast online and received the cooperation voice of many business partners.

Take the distribution channel policy as the basic point and the user experience value as the core

At the beginning of the press conference, Wu Jiantao, executive vice president of Zhouming group, said that Zhouming has been deeply engaged in the conference scene for many years and has been committed to providing customers with high-quality intelligent conference experience with advanced conference display products and conference scene solutions.

Mr. Wu Jiantao, executive vice president of Zhouming group

At present, Zhouming led + LCD + conference whole process light display products and solutions have covered all scenes of large, medium and small conference rooms, and performed well in system, experience, hardware + software + conference whole process and so on. Through this recruitment plan, Zhouming hopes to expand cooperation with channel dealer partners and provide new help for the further development of the market.

Strong alliance and win-win cooperation

As one of the ecological partners of Zhouming conference, Logitech has cooperated with Zhouming for a long time.

Logitech “when everything is redefined”

Zheng Yi, sales director of Logitech (China) south, pointed out that in the post epidemic period, thanks to the demand for cloud and scene mixed office, the conference market broke out on a large scale. Users always tend to choose more professional brand products and more subdivided industry solutions, and the “hard” strength of all manufacturers is becoming more and more prominent. This is also the reason why we choose Zhouming.

Share with Mr. Zheng Yi, sales director of Logitech (China) South

In the field of smart conference, Logitech and Zhouming have established a good ecological cooperation relationship. The combination of software and hardware of Zhouming technology and the full scene product coverage of Logitech will bring users a new smart conference experience and visual oscillation.

Lingchuang conference will win the future with tens of millions of subsidies in the new era

Lin Danli, UTV director of Zhouming group, pointed out that since 2017, Zhouming has vigorously explored the application of LED light display technology in the field of smart conference, and successfully launched the industry’s first LED conference all-in-one machine and light display solution the next year, leading the high-quality development of the industry under the guidance of user needs.

At present, Zhouming group has a variety of product types and superior interactive experience, including LED conference integrated machine, LCD interactive integrated machine, and self-developed customized light display solutions for large, medium and small conference rooms, which can meet the diversified needs of customers. Zhouming will, as always, join hands with channel partners to jointly promote the common progress of the industry with customer demand as the main axis.

Ms. Lin Danli, UTV director of Zhouming group

Gather strength to enlighten the future

The “U” of this UBC recruitment plan represents you and unilumin, “B” means build, and “C” represents consensus, which means to gather more and more like-minded friends and work together to continuously improve the interactive experience of the meeting scene.

Zhouming group will give its partners the greatest support and achieve win-win development in a practical and effective way. Welcome willing partners to join us and work together towards the future of Zhihui!

Reviewed and edited by: Peng Jing

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