On May 24, 2022 Jibang consulting new display industry seminar was grandly held at JW Marriott Hotel in Jinmao Shenzhen.

Yuan daoren, vice president of Zhouming group, Wang Haibo, chief engineer and other company leaders were invited to participate in the forum to discuss the technology application trend and industry development future with a group of industry experts and enterprise celebrities.

At the seminar, vice president yuan daoren delivered a keynote speech on the theme of “highlighting the definition of a new era in the industry”. He said that the integration of optical display is the inevitable result of the development of the industry and society. It is the best choice to meet the needs of customers under the background of diversification and upgrading of customer needs.

The integration of LED display and lighting with the same technology is an inevitable trend

Zhouming technology took the lead in proposing to define the industry with “light display”, sorted out seven application scenarios and launched customized solutions for each scenario based on user needs, and hopes to work with industry partners to build light display ecology and create beautiful feelings for users.

Zhouming Technology launched the concept of “light display” at the domestic industry forum this time, which has attracted the continuous attention of industry partners and media friends.

During this period, a group of industry celebrities jointly discussed the innovation achievements and development trend of LED light display technology, and made forward-looking ideas on the landing application of light display technology in commercial display, entertainment and dance beauty, urban construction and even the meta universe.

During the round table forum, chief engineer Wang Haibo proposed that the prospect of LED light display industry is magnificent, “how to break through the bottleneck and realize the breakthrough development of the industry” is a major issue that all manufacturers need to consider urgently.

In fact, in the post epidemic era, thanks to many advantages in LED hardware performance and user needs, the LED lighting and display (i.e. “light display”) market has increased significantly. The light display technology organically integrates AI, XR, software definition, intelligent control and other cutting-edge technologies, which not only meets the users’ pursuit of beauty, but also meets the needs of light display scenes such as commerce, culture and tourism, sports, film and television and urban planning. It is not only a new starting point of the industry, but also the necessity of the times.

Among them, Zhouming light display solution integrates hardware + system + software + content + interaction, and has created a large number of high-quality projects around the world, expanding the LED industry to many fields such as XR and spatial display, such as 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Saudi Arabia carnival season (praised by the Ministry of Commerce of China), Longmen Grottoes light display show, Jiuzhou ship said marine light and film drama, etc., which has a significant economic driving effect.

In the future, Zhouming technology will continue to focus on technology and design, empower with “light display” and create more beauty for the society.

Reviewed and edited by: Peng Jing

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