On January 17, at the annual innovation meeting of Haier Group, Zhou Yunjie, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Haier Group, delivered a speech titled “Persistence and Create the Future”. A new dream.

In the new development stage of taking advantage of the momentum, Zhou Yunjie announced that the Haier Group Board of Directors has established five committees, namely the Strategy and Investment Committee, the Science and Technology Committee, the Remuneration and Nomination Committee, the Audit and Risk Control Committee, and the Rendanheyi Leading Committee. To develop a contingency situation and open a new situation, to create an innovative ecology led by the Internet of Things era.

Strategic focus, galloping

Facing the development trend of digital technology and digital economy, the Board of Directors of Haier Group established the Strategy and Investment Committee with the purpose of: strategically focusing on the real economy, expanding and strengthening the main business, and becoming an explorer and leader in the digital economy era.

In the layout of the three major industries of smart home, industrial Internet and big health, increase investment in innovation, strengthen leading advantages, and become a leader in the digital age; at the same time, pay attention to the new development opportunities brought by new energy and circular economy. Have the vision to discover opportunities and the ability to seize opportunities to become a pioneer in green development.

Smart home industry map: achieve global leadership in the field of IoT smart home ecology

Taking Haier Smart Home as the carrier, it will focus on building two core competence platforms, namely Tri-wing Bird Experience Cloud and Smart Home Brain, and accelerate the innovative development of four scenarios: smart kitchen, smart air, smart water and whole-house intelligence, so as to achieve an index of ecological income. level growth. At the same time, it achieves interconnection and seamless connection with Youwu Technology and Goodaymart Supply Chain. Through digitalization, it designs smart homes for users, builds smart homes, and serves smart homes to create the best user experience in the whole process.

Industrial Internet Map: Make Kaos a World-Class Industrial Internet Platform

The wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution sweeping across the globe is disrupting virtually every industry in all countries, presenting both challenges and opportunities. The Kaos Industrial Internet Platform should focus on the platform capabilities of “one body and two wings” (one body: AIoT + digital innovation; two wings: global procurement resource allocation capabilities, mass customization order empowerment capabilities), deeply cultivated in subdivided industries, and achieve “one body”. One meter wide and one hundred meters deep”, to build a new paradigm of cross-industry, cross-regional, and cross-cultural three-dimensional digital economy empowerment, so that the Chinese solution of the Industrial Internet can go to the world.

Big health map: achieve differentiated leadership in the field of IoT big health

At present, Haier already owns two listed companies, Haier Biology and Yingkang Life, in the field of big health:

Haier Bio focuses on the field of biosafety. Based on scenarios such as vaccination safety, smart blood use safety, and smart laboratory, through the integration of technological innovation, it provides smart solutions customized for five scenarios, and has become a leading ecological brand in the new digital medical infrastructure.

Yingkang Life focuses on the field of digital medical care and achieves “two hands”. On the one hand, it focuses on the technological breakthrough of high-end medical equipment and becomes a pioneer in the localization and replacement of high-end tumor treatment equipment. On the other hand, it focuses on the innovation of digital medical services. One is the purpose, based on the big data intelligence platform of IoT/5G/AI technology, to create a worry-free network from hospital to family.

Zhou Yunjie emphasized that the new board of directors must have strategic determination, endure loneliness, concentrate on making the real industry bigger and stronger, and build an innovation capability that leads the times.

Technology is essential, self-reliance and self-improvement

Facing a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the Board of Directors of Haier Group established the Science and Technology Committee with the purpose of: giving full play to the three advantages of its own technological innovation system, further strengthening the technological innovation capability of the enterprise, and concentrating on solving the problems that plague the industry technical challenge.

The advantages of an open innovation system.At present, Haier has established “10+N” innovation centers around the world, covering five continents, more than 20 countries and regions, linking more than 200,000 experts, condensing global resources, and realizing open innovation.

From original technology to the formation of industrial chain achievements transformation advantages.In the past 10 years, Haier has created more than 170 original technologies that have a significant impact on the industry, all of which have been quickly transformed into the industry chain and brought a brand new experience to users.

The advantages of integrated innovation combining technology and entrepreneurial incubation.The entrepreneurship acceleration platform established by Haierhai Chuanghui integrates technological innovation and entrepreneurial incubation. At present, 5 listed companies, 90 gazelle companies, and 38 special and new giants have been incubated, forming a “technology-assisted entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship acceleration” A new model of integration and innovation of “Science and Technology”.

In the next three years, Haier will establish a special industrial fund of 40 billion yuan and invest 60 billion yuan in research and development, focusing on five common areas: green dual carbon, security privacy and compliance, chips and operating systems in professional fields, AIoT/perception and interaction, and data productivity. In the key technical direction, implement core scientific and technological research, and break through the core technical problems of the smart home brain, smart home operating system, industrial intelligent BaaS engine, linear accelerator radiotherapy system and other industries.

Mechanism innovation to stimulate vitality

Taishan does not allow soil, so it can be large; rivers and seas do not choose trickles, so they can be deep. Haier has grown from a small collective factory on the verge of bankruptcy to today, relying on adherence to the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, and adherence to the tenet of maximizing human value.

In order to meet the requirements of the strategic goals in the new stage of development, Haier Group established the Remuneration and Nomination Committee with the purpose of deepening the mechanism innovation of “maker system”, attracting world-class talents to start businesses on the Haier platform, and providing all employees on the Haier platform. Provide a platform for entrepreneurship and a fertile ground for innovation, help them realize their dreams in life, and form a positive cycle in which careers attract talents, talents achieve careers, and careers inspire talents. Under the maker system, everyone has the opportunity to become a maker partner of an enterprise. A maker partner has three rights and interests: labor income, value-added sharing, and capital gains. the rules.

Haier’s maker system is an innovation mechanism designed to stimulate the innovation vitality of all employees on the basis of not changing the nature of the collective ownership of the enterprise. share, get the opportunity to share the value. Second, even if you own shares, you will not have the opportunity to obtain capital gains without creating value-added. The data shows that in 2021, the number of Maker partners who have gained value through Maker shares or equity will expand to 14,681; the number of co-investors in startups and listed companies will increase by 81% compared with last year. useful exploration.

Bottom line thinking, risk prevention

Faced with the new challenges of the digital economy and digital transformation, the Board of Directors of Haier Group established the Audit and Risk Control Committee with the purpose of establishing a world-class audit risk control system and forming three major capabilities: the ability to avoid risks, through system construction and improvement, Multi-dimensional guarantees such as digital system application and organization and mechanism to prevent liquidity risks; the ability to early warning risks, through digital means to identify and prevent risks as early as possible, classify and level responses, and close problems in their infancy; the ability to resolve risks and build risks With a closed-loop system, risk owners can timely intervene and resolve the risks that have occurred, and achieve high-quality development in a situation of extremely high uncertainty.

Model leading, Chinese solution

Haier’s IoT transformation has entered the harvest period, and the original “Transformation and Change Committee” has been renamed the “Rendanheyi Leading Committee”. This is the first of its kind in the global corporate governance model, and it is also a category of specialized committees unique to corporate boards. The Rendanheyi Leading Committee is committed to developing the Rendanheyi model into a globally leading management philosophy, promoting the standardization and internationalization of the model and achievement system, replicating successful practical experience to global enterprises, and promoting the Chinese management model to the center of the world stage . Zhang Ruimin, founder of Haier Group and honorary chairman of the board of directors, will serve as the general counsel of the committee.

Through the storm, embracing change

“When you have passed through the storm, you are no longer the same person.” The fourth industrial revolution, dual-carbon green energy, digitalization, and the recent “metaverse” have all brought major opportunities to enterprises. Only by actively “recognizing changes” can they seize opportunities. At present, both the world and the country are undergoing major changes unseen in a century, and the global economy is also experiencing low-speed growth. In the context of this era, Zhou Yunjie calls on every maker to take the initiative to “seek change” and promote development through change. Not developing is the biggest risk. If the government is the “visible hand” and the market is the “invisible hand”, then “self-organization” is the “invisible heart” to deal with uncertainty, and Haier should use self-organization to build the enterprise’s self-adaptive ability in the storm.

Zhang Ruimin, the founder of Haier Group and honorary chairman of the board of directors, said that yesterday, Haier people repeatedly turned crisis into opportunity and victory at a critical juncture, with no distractions and loneliness. All because of planning ahead, users will always stay in their hearts. But when it comes to success, the word “success” is covered by “never look back and appreciate my footprints”, and in the new journey, it enters the realm of “the sun is new every day”.

“Persevere without losing, create the future” answers the relationship between inheritance and innovation. Haier’s Rendanheyi model and ecological brand paradigm have been recognized by the academic and business circles at home and abroad. Zhou Yunjie pointed out that when Haier is in the leading position in the IoT ecological track, the biggest risk is the concept of “keeping the industry” and path dependence. The purpose of inheritance is development, and development must innovate.

Zhou Yunjie’s speech sounded the horn of progress for all Haier makers. Facing an uncertain future, we expect the new Haier board of directors to keep the fire of entrepreneurship and innovation alive, and make Haier, a model of China’s reform and opening up, stable and far-reaching.

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