When the security industry has entered a period of great change, new technologies emerge in an endless stream, especially big data, Internet of things and other new technologies, to promote the technology upgrading of the industry. Since 2015, China has paid attention to the construction of intelligent public security prevention and control system, especially the important instructions given by Meng Jianzhu, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the political and Law Commission of the CPC Central Committee, at the National Innovation Conference on comprehensive governance of social security held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province in October 2016. Meng Jianzhu clearly pointed out that we should improve the comprehensive management system and mechanism of social security, accelerate the construction of three-dimensional and information-based social security prevention and control system, which is reflected in multi-dimensional prevention and control and multi-level prevention and control. It can be seen that there is a huge market space for this segment. What this issue brings is the full time and space three-dimensional video monitoring system of China satellite electronic Xueliang cloud eye. Let’s have a look at its style and see how it reflects the intelligent multi-dimensional three-dimensional prevention and control.

Weaving urban three-dimensional perception network

The full space-time three-dimensional video monitoring system of Zhongxing electronics is composed of intelligent perception camera and ordinary camera. Integrate and optimize new high points, checkpoints, electric police, micro cards, low points, and mobile monitoring systems to build a multi-dimensional integrated visual intelligent perception prevention and control network covering the whole city. The overall perception of urban public security in peacetime; The combination of high and low cards in wartime, full-time, three-dimensional and intelligent video linkage, enhance the city’s overall perception and emergency handling ability, and enhance the city’s management level. For a system level product oriented to public security, its functionality must be close to the actual combat requirements. Let’s see how Zhongxing electronic products are close to the actual combat.

Zhongxing electronic Xueliang cloud eye full space-time three-dimensional video monitoring system to achieve multi-dimensional prevention and control

Automatic annotation and display of video picture

The system can automatically identify and calculate the buildings, roads and monitoring points within the field of vision of the camera. According to the GPS coordinates, the system can automatically mark accurately on the video picture, and manually mark the video picture information.

Regional linkage

The coverage of the high point gun is set in advance on the GIS map; When a case breaks out, double-click the grid directly to call out the high point shooting video in the jurisdiction immediately, so as to realize the follow-up video linkage.

Gun ball linkage

Click follow up: click any point on the high point shooting video, and the associated high-speed dome will automatically follow to the corresponding angle; Zoom in by pulling the frame: pull the frame at will on the high point shooting video, and the associated high-speed ball will automatically turn to the corresponding angle and zoom in at the same time.

High high linkage

It supports clicking the mouse in the edge area of the video picture of the high point gun, and the high point video immediately switches to the video of the next high point camera in this direction, and completes the synchronous switching of the associated high-speed ball video.

High low linkage

It supports the direct deployment of the ground camera point on the video screen of the high point camera. Double click a point with the mouse to immediately call out the real-time video of the point and display it in separate screens when it is idle.

High speed card linkage

High definition bayonet points can be directly deployed on the video screen of high point gun, which can be triggered manually or automatically by black and bright alarm; Immediately call out the real-time vehicle passing record (including real-time captured pictures and vehicle information) and real-time video picture of the point, and display them separately.

Low low linkage

Support to click the mouse in the edge area of the common ground camera video picture, and the ground camera video will immediately switch to the next camera video in this direction.

Fast switching between real time video and video recording

In the real-time video stereoscopic linkage mode, it can seamlessly and quickly switch to the video stereoscopic linkage mode; The video image inherits all the annotation information of the real-time video image.

3D scene fusion

Two dimensional and three-dimensional map linkage, real-time video splicing on the three-dimensional real model, three-dimensional video monitoring and three-dimensional auxiliary operation for indoor and outdoor key areas.

Video stereo linkage

Video high high, high low, low low linkage; There are many kinds of information in the video.

Manufacturer’s statement

Relying on its rich experience in security project construction, in-depth research and independent innovation in the field of SVAC, Zhongxing electronics integrates various practical subsystems of public security, weaves urban and rural high points, bayonets, electric police, micro cards, etc., based on Intelligent Multi perception, supported by big data technology, linked by space-time relationship and centered on intelligent application The multi-dimensional integrated intelligent multi perception prevention and control network, including personnel and mobile monitoring, will create a social full-time, three-dimensional, diversified and intelligent information collection, big data processing and video intelligent application system, and enhance the overall perception, analysis, control and emergency handling ability in urban and rural social governance, intelligent transportation, serving people’s livelihood, ecological construction and protection and other public security fields, We will enhance the level of comprehensive social governance.


Lighting up the dark horizon and ensuring video security are the demands and values of the product. It needs to be pointed out that in recent years, with the security incidents of video networking, video data security has become a global topic, and the product of Zhongxing electronics has a key design consideration in video data security. In fact, the industry is trying to further upgrade the star level camera, but the reporter thinks that Zhongxing electronics is developed based on SVAC chip, which can achieve such star level effect, and no one in the industry can do it. Although the promotion of SVAC chip is relatively slow, Zhongxing electronic’s persistent efforts and technical skills are worthy of respect and praise.

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