5g infrastructure construction is an important part of “new infrastructure”. Recently, Zhongshan 5g infrastructure has made new progress. On July 17, Zhongshan smart rod Industry Federation was established and held its first general meeting, which elected the president, executive vice president and vice president of the first Zhongshan smart rod Industry Federation, and 36 member units participated in the meeting. It is understood that the smart light pole is an important bearing mode of 5g micro base station and will become a new entrance to the interconnection of everything in the city. According to the official announcement of Zhongshan in March this year, 2350 5g base stations will be planned to be built in Zhongshan this year. In this context, the smart lamp pole industry is expected to usher in new development.

Zhongshan plans to build 2350 5g base stations, and smart light poles are expected to usher in new development

After voting, Du Jifang of Hongbao Technology Co., Ltd. was elected president of Zhongshan smart rod Industry Federation. She said that the smart pole is an important key to the “new infrastructure”, and the smart pole is an important front-end hardware of the new infrastructure. “5g micro base station and IOT, whether it is the Internet of things, new energy vehicle supply, urban brain, independent operation and maintenance of smart city, the front-end application of these technologies is the smart sharing pole.” Whether it is the construction of Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, smart city and intelligent transportation, it can be connected with a smart rod.

According to the action plan for accelerating the development of 5g industry in Guangdong Province (2019-2022), 60000 5g base stations will be built in 2020, and the construction of 5g smart towers will be vigorously promoted. Since this year, all parts of the province have deployed 5g smart light pole industry development and infrastructure.

Last year, Zhongshan issued the action plan for accelerating the development of 5g industry in Zhongshan City (2019-2022). According to the plan, from January 2020, Zhongshan will orderly promote the transformation of existing road light poles into smart poles in batches. Meanwhile, Henglan Town, Zhongshan City proposed the goal of building “China’s 5g smart lamp pole manufacturing base”, build the first smart lamp pole pilot demonstration area in Zhongshan, and promote the construction of smart lamp poles integrating “lighting + monitoring + 5g micro base station” with 5g, cloud computing and big data as technical support.

Du Jifang said that the Federation will build a professional communication platform to provide a professional service platform for the government, enterprises and industries in promoting the standards and planning of smart pole work, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in Zhongshan.

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