Recently, when receiving institutional research, Zhiyun Co., Ltd. said that the company’s business is mainly concentrated in the field of display touch automation equipment. At present, it has been in a leading position in the bonding, dispensing, laminating, bending and other sub industries in the field of flat panel display module equipment. Its products have achieved the full coverage of domestic mainstream panel manufacturers and the coverage of mainstream module manufacturers and end customers.

Since 2018, Zhiyun has started the research and development of OLED equipment, and its flexible OLED screen module production equipment such as bonding, bending, dispensing and laminating has broken the monopoly of Japan and South Korea. In 2019, its wholly-owned subsidiary, xinsanli, established the OLED automation equipment division, which is fully responsible for the business of OLED display module automation equipment. By 2020, Zhiyun plans to acquire jiutianzhongchuang with 317 million yuan to further improve its layout in the field of OLED equipment.

Zhiyun: the next few years will be the investment cycle of OLED display equipment

Zhiyun said that the acquisition of jiutianzhongchuang by the company will help further expand the company’s product layout in the field of panel display module, and enhance the business scale and profitability of listed companies.

In June this year, Xiaomi technology made a strategic investment of 144 million yuan in Zhiyun, becoming the second shareholder, focusing on supporting the development of local OLED. Zhiyun shares said that Xiaomi strategic investment company is the result of its comprehensive consideration based on factors such as strategic cooperation potential and supply chain security. At present, the company mainly cooperates with Xiaomi to carry out forward-looking equipment R & D and process design, verify the realizability of emerging products and design, determine whether mass production, economy and other strategic cooperation.

While deeply cultivating OLED, Zhiyun is also actively laying out the field of miniled. Zhiyun said that at present, the company has completed the research and development breakthrough of miniled related equipment, and has obtained orders and completed the shipment. The first batch of equipment types include bonding, dispensing, attachment equipment, etc.

As for the driving point of future performance growth, Zhiyun believes that the next few years will be the investment cycle of OLED display equipment, the OLED panel capacity will be released rapidly, and there is still a large new market space in the future; at the same time, the company currently occupies a high share in the domestic module equipment market, and with the gradual improvement of domestic substitution rate, the company’s performance will also be improved; in addition, the company’s We will continue to improve our R & D strength, strive to achieve R & D landing and technical breakthrough, and enhance the company’s coverage in the whole module manufacturing process.

As for the development path of the company in the next three years, Zhiyun shares said: first, grasp the market space. With the rise of OLED display technology and the new investment brought by the global LCD capacity transfer, there will be about 30-40 billion new market space in the next three years. The company will grasp the market space with good prospects, and its performance can be expected to grow. Second, the category of R & D driven equipment increased. R & D strength drives the company’s products from bonding, dispensing and laminating to bending, off screen camera and fingerprint identification supporting equipment. The increase of equipment coverage will continue to improve the company’s ability to solve the whole line solution of display and touch module. At the same time, the company will continue to maintain front-end R & D cooperation with end customers to grasp the latest trend of market demand; third, domestic substitution will increase market share. With its comprehensive advantages in technology, price and service, the company will continue to expand its order share in panel manufacturers such as BOE, Huaxing, Tianma, weixinuo, Hehui and Xinli, and mainstream module manufacturers such as depute, tongxingda, helitai, Bourne, Lansi and crystal.

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