From August 27 to 28, the 2019 “data value mining” competition of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Jiaxing. On the spot, 48 data value mining project results from 11 municipal companies and 6 directly affiliated units in the province were released, showing the application of power big data in various frontier hot spots and emerging fields such as ubiquitous power Internet of things, smart grid, comprehensive energy services, transmission and distribution price reform, providing wisdom and power of big data for the company’s reform and development, transformation and upgrading, Create a strong big data application atmosphere.

Zhejiang electric power company officially held the 2019 annual data value mining competition

The competition provides a good big data mining and competitive exchange platform for the majority of employees, which is an important practice to promote the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things. The competition has been successfully held for four times. This year, it has achieved innovative breakthroughs in organizational form and competition content, achieving “three highlights and one transformation”, highlighting data model construction, and building data model based on zhedec cloud platform; Highlight the selection of compound talents, pay attention to the parallel of theoretical learning and computer practice; Highlight the practical orientation of the results, and emphasize the project landing and application effect; The form of the competition has changed from the original single results release to three links, namely, should know should be able to test, data model defense and results release. It has changed from “focusing on display” to “focusing on effectiveness”, and explored the transformation mode of big data application results.

In this competition, five projects such as “Encyclopedia of power forecasting – full exploration of power forecasting based on automatic training” of State Grid Zhejiang Xintong company (Data Center) won gold prizes, and 25 projects such as “Research on power forecasting model of power grid company” of State Grid Quzhou power supply company won silver prizes and bronze prizes respectively. The results of the competition involve equipment, marketing, finance, materials and other majors in the power industry, and many of them have certain practical significance and economic benefits. They provide abundant case resources for the company to explore and cultivate new businesses and promote the deep integration of “three types and two networks”.

In recent years, through massive big data analysis, State Grid Zhejiang power has gradually promoted the co construction and sharing of master data such as power grid, equipment, operation and customers, carried out scientific investment, intelligent operation and inspection, and precision marketing, promoted the improvement of various businesses, and driven the transformation and development of Zhejiang power industry. In the future, State Grid Zhejiang electric power will continue to rely on the “data value mining” competition platform to cultivate the characteristic data culture of Zhejiang electric power, deepen the construction of data mining talent team, accelerate the formation of achievement transformation channels, select excellent achievements to promote in the whole province, and make the achievements deeply rooted and have broad vitality in practical application.

Source:China Electric Power News Network

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