On September 16, the “up · 2021 zhanrui online ecological summit” was officially opened. At the meeting, zhanrui reiterated the enterprise’s industrial positioning – the ecological bearer of the digital world. Based on this strategic positioning, zhanrui shoulders the important task of providing advanced technology and expanding industrial development space for the industry.

Xia Xiaofei, senior vice president of zhanrui, shared the three base technologies serving this strategy at the meeting: Makalu communication technology platform, aiactiver technology platform and advanced semiconductor technology platform.

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Full scene communication technology platform

Makalu is zhanrui’s 5g communication technology platform. It integrates modems, RF transceivers and RF antenna modules into a unified 5g solution. While supporting the evolution of 3GPP protocol, Makalu has developed a network driver unit for the typical high-value technical characteristics of 5g to provide customers with a convenient and fast one stack solution.


Based on Makalu 5g technology platform, zhanrui and its partners launched the world’s first 5g end-to-end full strategy network slice selection scheme in 2020, realizing 5g on-demand services to meet the personalized needs of different users.

At the end of July this year, zhanrui launched the world’s first 5g R16 ready platform, completed the world’s first end-to-end business verification of embB + urllc + iiot based on R16, opened a new journey of 5g to B and continued to lead 5g advanced technology. Based on the scheme of Makalu 5g technology platform, customers in vertical industries such as port, steel, mining area and manufacturing, as well as consumers such as smart machine, smart wear and AR / VR, have brought 5g revolutionary connection experience, supported industrial reform at different stages and helped 5g expand wider applications and connections.

AI technology reconfiguration chip key system

In zhanrui’s view, 5g and AI technologies complement each other. Zhanrui has made a comprehensive layout in both 5g and AI technology fields. Through the deep integration of heterogeneous hardware, full stack software and business, zhanrui AI technology platform aiactiver not only greatly optimizes the original user experience, but also provides customers with a complete secondary development platform and customized services to help ecological partners develop rich AI applications efficiently and conveniently.

The bottom layer of the platform is heterogeneous hardware. The heterogeneous multi-core NPU architecture provides sufficient flexibility and excellent energy efficiency for different types of algorithms. AI compiler compiles the front-end framework workload directly to the hardware back-end, makes full use of existing hardware resources, takes into account storage and efficiency, and reduces the development difficulty of developers. AI computing platform and tool chain provide a good development environment for developers.


Zhanrui reconstructed several key subsystems of the chip through AI technology, such as CPU / GPU processor subsystem and multimedia subsystem, providing users with excellent user experience.

The time delay and robustness of human-computer interaction are like normal distribution. The more convergent it is, the more stable the time delay and frame rate are, and the more fluent the user is. Through the AI transformation of processor scheduling and frequency modulation algorithm, the algorithm allocation of processor can better fit the fluctuation of computing power demand of application scenario at different times, and greatly improve the delay and stability of human-computer UI interaction, so as to bring users a smoother user experience.

AI based speech detection and speech recognition technology improves the accuracy to more than 95% (Note 1), ensuring the human-computer speech interaction experience. In addition, behavior and scene recognition enable the chip platform to provide active service for user operation.

In the multimedia field, zhanrui has reconstructed more than 50% of the algorithms. AI raw, AI 3a, AI NR, AI FDR, AI Sr and other algorithms based on AI have greatly improved the quality of photography.

Through the dynamic identification of the display content, select the appropriate parameter configuration, dynamically compensate the image quality, and adjust the color, contrast and sharpness, so as to achieve more exquisite display image quality. Zhanrui is fully integrating AI into all product planning as a dispersion technology.

Advanced semiconductor technology enhances the competitiveness of the whole package

The two pillars of the advanced semiconductor technology platform are process and packaging. Zhanrui provides the overall chip scheme. All visible ICs, including the main chip, are self-developed and provide the combined chip scheme to customers.

In terms of semiconductor technology, including SOC, RF, power chip and other fields, they will evolve in process according to the architecture requirements of chip integration, power consumption and digital analog mixing. Therefore, zhanrui adopts a wide range of processes, involving large-scale digital, digital analog hybrid, high-frequency analog and other technologies are also very complex.


At the same time, zhanrui actively develops advanced packaging technology to provide solutions with higher integration and better wireless performance for intelligent wearable, Internet of things and other devices. For example, SIP packaging technology, we have made the overall scheme of LTE cat. 1 the size of a dollar coin. SIP packaging technology is the key technology to realize ultra-high density and multi-functional integration in the post Moore era. It can increase the chip computing power density by more than 10 times. Zhanrui is also continuously investing in SIP packaging technology.

As a leading chip design enterprise in China, zhanrui will continue to invest in the innovation and iteration of base technology and work with partners to build a healthy and good industrial development ecology.

Note 1: this data is obtained by zhanrui laboratory based on actual samples and multi person test

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