On September 16, zhanrui held the “up · 2021 zhanrui online ecological summit”. Huang Yuning, senior vice president of zhanrui and general manager of industrial electronics division, explained the strategic thinking, market layout, technical advantages, business achievements and future planning of zhanrui industrial electronics, and shared how zhanrui adopted the full scene communication technology including 5g, Enable the digital and intelligent upgrading of thousands of lines and industries.

5g opens the era of intelligent alliance of all things

Statistics and forecast data from the industry show that the number of object-to-object connections worldwide is increasing rapidly, which has exceeded the number of connections between people.


There are several important technical drivers for the substantial growth of the number of object-to-object connections: on the one hand, a large number of devices based on LTE cat. 1 are emerging, which in fact drives the rapid popularization of the sharing economy; On the other hand, zhanrui expects that from around 2023 / 2024, devices supporting the redcap feature of 5g R17 technical specification will become popular. It will further provide ultra-high-density connection capacity and truly “connect every stone to the Internet”.

With a large number of Internet of things connections and intelligent computing superimposed on the upper end, edge and cloud, the boundary between the digital world and the physical world will be broken, and the digital dividend will also be extended from the consumption field to various basic industries of society.

5g: change connection mode and expand connection scenario

The innovation of mobile communication in the past dynasties is represented by significant technical characteristics and typical application scenarios. Before the emergence of 5g, mobile communication mainly focused on communication between people, supporting rich consumer services. 4G changes life and 5g changes society. 5g defines inter object communication as the main scenario and promotes the outbreak of animal networking industry. In the 5g era, people want to build an intelligent world that is fully connected between people, people and things, and things and things.


At present, the cellular communication network presents the situation of four generations living together. It is the general trend to accelerate the network transfer from 2G / 3G to 4G / 5G. Communication standards for IOT scenarios began to appear in the 4G era, such as NB IOT low-power wide area IOT, cat. 1 medium speed wide area IOT, etc; However, most of these standards have evolved gradually on the basis of human networking. 5g is the first communication system born for the Internet of things: 5g has three scenarios: embB pursues the ultimate large broadband mobile communication experience, which is the first commercial one in the three scenarios of 5g; Urllc provides extremely low delay and high reliability, which is the key killer of 5g industry-oriented connection applications; Mmtc builds the interconnection of all things.

5g R16 ready: make 5g from “usable” to “easy to use”

5g R15 standard is mainly aimed at embB scenarios. Firstly, 5g basic functions are realized to ensure 5g “availability”; R16 standard improves the characteristics of urllc and mmtc, makes 5g from “usable” to “easy to use”, accelerates the large-scale application of 5g in industries such as industry, automobile, energy, medical treatment and public utilities, and makes 5g an important starting point for promoting the digital transformation of economy and society.


5g R16 is enhanced on ultra-low network delay and highly reliable network: it supports 1 microsecond synchronization accuracy, 1 millisecond air interface delay, reliability of 99.999%, flexible terminal group management, end-to-end delay within 5 milliseconds and higher reliability at the fastest, supports industrial time sensitivity, and greatly reduces power consumption. In one sentence: R16 is faster, more reliable, more accurate and better used, and can better support the needs of 5g + industrial Internet.

In July this year, zhanrui and China Unicom successfully completed the end-to-end service verification of the world’s first embB + urllc + iiot (enhanced mobile broadband + ultra-high reliability and ultra-low delay communication + industrial Internet of things) based on 3GPP R16 standard. From the measured results of the world’s first 5g R16 ready technology verification displayed by zhanrui, it can be seen that 5g R16 high-precision timing can improve the time synchronization accuracy to the order of hundreds of nanoseconds.


Through high-precision timing, the coordination and cooperation between different industrial equipment can be accurately synchronized and achieve accurate connection and interaction. Another typical application scenario of high-precision timing is smart grid, which can realize the transmission of power differential protection service signal, quickly judge and accurately locate distribution faults, and quickly isolate faults. Last year, based on 5g R15 existing network environment, zhanrui has verified microsecond high-precision timing with partners, reducing the power supply recovery time from minute level to second level. This year, based on zhanrui 5g R16 ready platform v516, zhanrui successfully increased the clock synchronization time by another order of magnitude, which is expected to further shorten the fault isolation time and realize zero perception of power failure.

Full scenario connection: covering the full business scenario of the Internet of things

Based on the full scene connection technology, zhanrui industrial electronics integrates intelligent computing into all products to provide underlying technology for the digital transformation of industry and society. Zhanrui has almost all wide area and local area network connection technologies and chip products, including 5g, as well as layout in product fields such as intelligent display and industrial intelligent equipment.


In addition to 5g, in the application scenarios of medium speed and low-speed Internet of things, based on zhanrui’s mature products, zhanrui has achieved excellent performance in various typical industries: in the field of public network walkie talkie, the domestic market share of zhanrui products is close to 80% (1); Financial POS accounts for 50% of the domestic market (2); The domestic market share of cloud horn is 70% (3); The share of WiFi in Ott field is 60%, and the market share is the first in China (4); In the field of power exchange and charging of express vehicles, zhanrui has a national market share of nearly 60% (5).


(1) Specifically, it refers to the market share of the domestic market shipment of LTE cat. 1 chip of public network interphone. The market share is calculated according to the shipment of zhanrui and the data reported by the third party, and the statistical range is the whole year of 2020

(2) Specifically, it refers to the market share of MPOs + smart POS chip shipments in the domestic market. The market share is calculated according to zhanrui shipments and third-party report data, and the statistical range is the whole year of 2020

(3) Specifically, it refers to the market share of cloud speaker terminal chip shipments in the domestic market. The market share is calculated according to zhanrui shipments and third-party report data, and the statistical range is the whole year of 2020

(4) Specifically, it refers to the market share of WiFi chip shipments in the domestic market in the Ott field. The market share is calculated according to zhanrui shipments and third-party report data, and the statistical range is estimated for the whole year of 2021

(5) Specifically, it refers to the market share of the domestic market shipments of communication chips in the replacement and charging cabinet of express vehicles. The market share is calculated according to the shipments of zhanrui and the data reported by the third party, and the statistical range is the whole year of 2020

Application case of zhanrui 5g industry: release 5g potential and enable thousands of industries

2021 is a key year for 5g scale application. Ten national ministries and commissions jointly issued the “sailing” action plan for 5g application (2021-2023), which aims to further promote the process of 5g enabling thousands of industries.

What are the application scenarios of zhanrui in the field of 5gtob, and how does 5g really change our industrial system and social life?

5g + smart medical

The 5g application innovation scheme “5g smart medicine lights up Hainan health island” jointly declared by zhanrui, Hainan Unicom and China Unicom Internet of things Co., Ltd. won the first prize and the most investment value award in the 5g application design competition of 2021 world 5g conference.


“5g smart medicine lights up Hainan health island”, as the country’s first remote diagnosis informatization project based on 5g technology and covering all grass-roots institutions in the province, 5g smart applications are carried out around the scenarios of remote consultation, smart hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, smart hospital and emergency system.

5g + aircraft Intelligent Manufacturing:

Civil aircraft manufacturing is the “Pearl” in the crown of manufacturing industry. It has almost strict requirements in parts management, assembly progress, accurate positioning and data transmission. Zhanrui took advantage of 5g, combined with many processes such as aircraft design and R & D, production and manufacturing, test flight and operation support, assisted COMAC in completing the transformation of “5g smart factory”, realized real-time data transmission and sharing, and greatly improved the quality and competitiveness of domestic large aircraft.


Smart factory is the key carrier of intelligent manufacturing. In the traditional large-scale enterprise production, it often involves cross factory and cross regional equipment maintenance, remote problem location and other scenarios. For these typical scenarios, the previous WiFi and 4G networks can not meet the network requirements of industrial production for large bandwidth, low delay, massive connection and so on. Therefore, smart factory is considered to be one of the important application scenarios of 5g technology.

5g + Intelligent Logistics:

Zhanrui and JD logistics have deep cooperation in the construction of 5g unmanned warehouse and 5g smart logistics park.

At the recent “5g application design unveiling competition of 2021 world 5g conference”, zhanrui and JD logistics applied for the 5g integration innovation scheme “JD logistics 5g fully connected smart warehouse”, which won the first prize of 5g application design unveiling competition.


In the 5g fully connected intelligent warehouse, all kinds of storage robots, cameras, CPE, robot arms and other terminals realize 5g connection capability through the integration of zhanrui 5g chip module. With the support of 5g key technical capabilities such as high reliability, low time delay, private network, slicing and high-precision time service, the intelligent warehouse realizes the digital intelligent operation of the whole process of goods warehousing, storage, sorting, handling and sorting.

While expanding 5g integration innovation, zhanrui is also promoting the research and formulation of 5g integration application standards. As one of the leading units, zhanrui carried out the formulation of logistics warehousing standard “communication technology requirements for Logistics Intelligent warehousing based on 5g private network” in CCSA, and worked with industry partners to promote the evaluation and optimization of 5g industry application standards.

pYYBAGFC59SARiv4AAG_ aBcgCsU601.png

In 5g smart logistics park, zhanrui and JD logistics jointly put forward the scheme of “5g plus digital twin scalable integrated architecture”, which makes the park complete the great transformation from “passive traditional management” to “active intelligent management”.

5g + smart power:

5g is also widely used in the intelligent power industry. Due to the dispersion of power system equipment, relay protection, automation and safe and stable systems need a unified time benchmark; Real time data acquisition is also one of the foundations of remote fault detection.


5g supports 1 microsecond precise timing, which can effectively support these application scenarios. In the application scenario of differential protection, the industrial module equipment based on zhanrui 5g can realize wireless transmission, carry differential protection control and air interface time service, replace the existing optical fiber connection password time source, and meet the time service accuracy requirements of B code time service less than 10 microseconds.

5g + Intelligent Mining:


5g communication technology can contribute to the transformation and monitoring of safety production, labor environment and production and operation environment. The module based on zhanrui 5g chip and DTU equipment can help create a digital solution for intelligent mining, reduce the equipment failure rate by 18%, make mine operation safer and management more intelligent, and bring significant benefits to mining enterprises.

5g + Qianxing Baiye:

poYBAGFC5_ aAJ-bmAAHZy0_ 9mwo805.png

At present, zhanrui has joined hands with industry partners to commercially implement more than 100 industrial terminal application cases, so that 5g technology can enable the intelligent transformation of thousands of industries such as intelligent medical treatment, intelligent logistics, intelligent power, intelligent mining, intelligent transportation and intelligent manufacturing.

In the future, as 5g accelerates the application of enabling industry, zhanrui will work with industry partners to release 5g potential and enable thousands of industries with the strategic determination to enter the industry market, promote richer industry terminal innovation and the implementation of industry solutions.

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