When the switch was just launched, Zimi 10, as one of the few chargers that supported fast charging of PD and could reach the maximum power of 45W, was indeed a very good choice. But after a few years of baptism, fast charging is now one of the standard configuration of digital products. It is very common to have a power bank that can support up to 45W. In addition to mobile phones, many office workers also carry their laptops for mobile office work. Nowadays, the notebook supporting PD charging has become a standard configuration. Therefore, if you want to use the power bank to charge the laptop PD, it needs at least 45W of output power. This time, we share the new multi-functional power bank launched by zensure: zensure X5. Its design is basically the same as Zimi No.10. It can be used as a charging bank supporting fast charging of PD. It is also a hub expansion dock that can be used to access notebook and expand USB interface. Zensure X5 is much smaller than Zimi 10. Although it does not take the ultimate route in various parameters, these concessions are to make the whole more lightweight and portable, which is more friendly to users who often carry laptops.

Zensure X5 multi-functional power bank: it supports fast charging of PD, and can also be connected to computer by hub dock

Unpacking & details

In recent years, zendure has returned to the domestic market and laid a good foundation for this brand. It is one of the most popular outdoor travel charging products in Europe and the United States. It also focuses on high-end performance. Its shape is basically similar to the appearance of aluminum luggage series.

The packaging box of zensure X5 adopts a flap skylight design. After opening, you can see the real zensure X5. Its appearance design is very similar to a miniature aluminum trunk. It is equipped with a dual usb-c charging data cable. The data cable has a usb-c to usb-a interface, which can be easily connected to different chargers to charge the charger itself.

[zensure X5 performance parameters]

Capacity: 15000mah 54wh;

Cell: 21700 / 5000mAh * 3 sections;

Size: 115 * 72.5 * 26.5mm;

Input: usb-c: 5V / 3a, 9V / 3a, 12V / 3a, 15V / 3a, 20V / 2.25A, 45W max;


USB-C:5V/3A,9V/3A,12V/3A,15V/3A,20V/2.25A,45W Max;

USB-A(Zen+2.0):5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A,18W Max;

Total output: 48W max;

USB expansion dock: USB hub 3.0, 5Gbps;

The appearance of zensure X5 is a classic wavy design, which can also increase the contact between the power bank and the desktop when it is flat, and the bottom air circulation can prevent overheating. Its shell has a frosted feel, which can avoid fingerprinting, and is comfortable to hold. Each interface of zensure X5 is printed on the side to support charging performance parameters.

The upper and lower covers of zensure X5 are made of aluminum alloy. Compared with the traditional plastic covers, the upper and lower covers of zensure X5 have improved the wear resistance. Some chargers I used often plug in and out of the interface, resulting in a lot of scratches around the interface, which is very old. Zensure X5 has three interfaces, one usb-c interface supporting two-way charging, maximum support of 45W PD fast charging, and the other two are Zen + 2.0 protocol usb-a interface, which is compatible with qc3.0.

You can see the real size of the zendure X5 by comparing it with the gate card and the $1 coin. It can be held stably with one hand. The small size is very convenient to carry in the chest bag. It can also be easily put into the pants pocket or the computer bag. It weighs about 315g. As a 15000mah charger, its volume and weight are lighter than those with the same capacity. Let’s test the real performance of zensure X5.

Test and use

Use yzxstudio USB voltage and current meter to test the charging protocol of usb-c and usb-a interfaces of zensure X5. The charging protocols supported by usb-c interface are: pd2.0 45W (3.0A), pd3.0, bc1.2, qc3.0 (5V / 9V / 12V). It is detected that the charging voltage and current supporting 5 gears are 5V / 2.4a, 9V / 3.0A, 12V / 3.0A, 15V / 3.0A, 20V / 2.25A.

The two usb-a interfaces support charging protocols: Apple 5V / 2.4a, bc1.2, qc3.0 (5V / 9V / 12V), Samsung AFC 15W (5V / 9V), Huawei FCP 18W (5V / 9V). After measuring the electricity meter, we can see how comprehensive the zensure X5 is. In particular, PD charging can support multiple voltage and current, which is suitable for notebook computers supporting PD charging, and can meet the commuting needs of many office workers.

Use of usb-c: the instant reading efficiency of iPhone 11 Pro Max charging is 8.57v/2.54a/21.82w. The PD charging protocol has been successfully identified. The iPhone 11 series has already supported about 24W charging, which is faster than 18W PD charging. The instant reading efficiency of switch charging is 14.84v/1.03a/15.43w. The successful handshake of PD fast charging protocol can also realize charging and using while maintaining continuous fast charging without power failure.

The real-time reading efficiency of LG gram charging is 19.65v/2.15a/42.32w. It successfully identifies the PD charging protocol. It can also realize charging and using while maintaining the power-off status as the switch.

In the past, some high-power power chargers can also charge laptops, but they can’t be used while charging. It will be very slow, and the power can’t be charged. Instead, it will fall down. This shows that the charging efficiency is less than that of power consumption. Therefore, we must pay attention to this aspect when choosing the power bank that supports the charging of notebook computers. Special attention should be paid to the dual type-C data cable used when charging some devices. At present, many standard dual type-C data lines do not support large current, which is about 3A at most. However, the best way to charge a laptop is to select a dual type-C data line that supports 5a, which can ensure the adaptation of different devices and improve the charging efficiency.

Usb-a use: Zen + 2.0 protocol usb-a interface charging iPad air2 instant reading efficiency: 54.96v/2.34a/11.61w, successfully recognized Apple 5V / 2.4a charging protocol; charging millet mix 2S instant reading efficiency: 5.99v/2.06a/12.40w, successfully identified qc3.0 charging protocol.

Switch to the low current mode test, use usb-a interface to charge the airpods Pro headset, all of them can be charged continuously normally, and the charging will not be shut down due to the misjudgment of small current. It is very convenient to charge three devices at the same time.

Then test the reverse charging, use 100W zensure superport4 charger test, through the access to usb-c 100W interface, you can see the charging instant reading efficiency of self charging: 19.85v/2.03a/40.42w, and successfully identify the PD charging protocol.

Zensure X5 is charged with a high-power PD charger. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge. The charging efficiency is very fast. What I have learned most is that the power bank used in the past does not support fast charging. I often travel when I wake up in the hotel and it is not full, and I have to be driven away by the guide. Fast self charging can greatly shorten the charging time, so that when traveling in the hotel, you can first charge the mobile phone, and then charge the power bank when sleeping, which improves the efficiency.

The most special function of zensure X5 is the integration of USB hub function, which can expand the scarce usb-a interface of notebook computer. Nowadays, more and more notebook computers are canceling many traditional interfaces, such as usb-a interface, RJ45 network cable interface, SD card reader, HDMI interface, etc., in order to design a more lightweight body, and replace it with the type-C interface with updated transmission protocol. In this way, many external devices with traditional interfaces cannot be used directly, especially the laptop I am using now is LG gram. Although the computer also has usb-a and HDMI interfaces, it is obvious that the interface is not enough in the face of more and more external device access requirements! Through the dual type-C data line, the zensure X5 is connected to the notebook computer into a hub expansion dock to meet the daily needs of office, entertainment and charging. Through conversion, it can be connected to usb-a devices such as mobile hard disk, U disk, mouse and keyboard.

The usb-a interface used to expand the hub function of Zimi No.10 used before is 2.0 protocol, and the bandwidth is only 480mbps. Facing the transmission of some big data now, it is not enough. This time, the two usb-a of zensure X5 use 3.0 protocol, the bandwidth is 5Gbps, and the transmission speed is 10 times higher than that of 2.0. Next, access the mobile hard disk to test the actual performance.

Atto disk benchmark is a disk transmission rate detection software, which can be used to detect the read and write rate of hard disk, U disk, memory card and other removable disks. By adopting hierarchical test mode, the test results are more accurate. So I use the 540mb SSD to test the performance of this SSD.

Through the run point software test, Seagate cool fish flying wing solid-state hard disk in zensure X5 usb-a Under the 3.0 interface, the reading speed is about 436mb / s, and the writing speed is about 430mb / S. in the test, it can be seen that the read-write speed is kept in a stable range, and there is no cliff like ups and downs affecting the read-write speed. Considering the loss of cable transmission stability, the actual measurement is basically consistent with the official nominal 540mb / s, and the running points belong to the running minutes How about daily use? Next, we will evaluate it through actual use.

About 20g of high-capacity video material is copied and transmitted to the mobile hard disk. The transmission is stable throughout the whole process, and there is no unstable writing cliff. The transmission data also meets the transmission speed standard of USB3.0. It shows that the two usb-a interfaces of zensure X5 after expanding the hub are very stable in data transmission.

When using dual type-C data cable to charge Android mobile phone, you can also use the usb-a interface of zensure X5 as OTG access to access mobile hard disk / U disk and other storage devices to read and write data. Usually, I often go out to shoot materials. I can also use it to turn on the OTG function to transfer the video materials in the mobile phone to the hard disk, so as to ease the shortage of mobile phone storage space. Or when you go out to shoot, you suddenly need to send the data in the hard disk to your partner, and you can also access the mobile phone to send it. In this way, you can solve the dilemma of no computer around you.


After passing the multi-dimensional test, we can see that its comprehensive cost performance ratio is still very high, and it is compatible with a variety of fast charging protocols. Besides the use of the power bank, it supports the hub function, and can also be used as a super book with only usb-c interface, which has multiple purposes. After connecting the Android phone, the OTG function can be used to connect the USB flash disk, mouse, keyboard and other peripherals. Zensure X5 is also a relatively comprehensive small steel gun type power bank. It can not only support notebook PD charging, but also mobile phone fast charging, and also support hub expansion. The compact and lightweight design is also convenient for daily commuting. In this way, you don’t need to carry the power adapter and expansion dock of computer mobile phone to reduce the load of commuter backpack. It’s enough to take it with you, whether it’s for travel or daily travel. I hope this sharing can help you.

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