The 2021 (4th) Public Safety Information and Communication Forum hosted by the China Institute of Communications was held during the Expo. Chen Ning, Chairman and CEO of Yuntian Lifei, was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech.

Chen Ning mentioned that 5G has accelerated the development and application of AI, and brought the AIoT era. The core product of the AIoT era is self-evolving intelligence. The way to achieve this goal is to use the entire city as a giant machine with deep learning capabilities, build a self-evolving city intelligence, and feed back technologies such as upper-level chips and algorithms through application and data advantages.

The architecture of the self-evolving city agent is “1+1+N”, that is, 1 intelligent perception network, 1 urban super-brain, and N smart applications. Under the guidance of the self-evolving city agent framework, Yuntian Lifei has successfully created benchmark applications in public security, public transportation, social governance and other industries.

This strategic framework also applies to the emergency sector. This year, Yuntian Lifei helped Shenzhen to build a monitoring and data analysis platform for epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the “1+1+N” structure. In terms of front-end perception network construction, more than 6,300 pharmacies in Shenzhen, as well as some farmers’ markets, transportation hubs, and communities have deployed front-end intelligent temperature measurement equipment; in terms of industry ultra-brain construction, the platform has opened up nearly 20 epidemic-related data systems. Formed a normalized epidemic prevention and control data monitoring and analysis system that integrates data collection, sentinel monitoring, research and early warning, closed-loop circulation, auxiliary circulation and other capabilities. a new path.

In the future, under the guidance of the self-evolving city intelligence framework, Yuntian Lifei hopes to bring more innovative solutions and projects to the emergency field, such as intelligent emergency algorithm warehouse, safety production big data analysis, extreme weather emergency response, etc.

Yuntian Lifei officially released the self-evolving city intelligent body during the 2020 Hi-Tech Fair. This year’s Expo is the achievement report exhibition of the first anniversary of Yuntian Lifei’s self-evolving city intelligent body. Yuntian Lifei will be exhibited at 1B11, Hall 1, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Welcome to visit.

Original title: 2021 Security Expo丨When AI encounters communication emergency, Yuntian Lifei self-evolving city intelligence gives new ideas

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Reviewing Editor; Tang Zihong

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