Since 2017, China Southern Power Grid Yunnan Power Grid Co., Ltd. has actively promoted the construction of intelligent management and control platform for the whole process of the project, and officially launched it in October 2019, realizing the process carding, business process reengineering, whole process monitoring and efficient management, so that a large number of human resources are liberated from cumbersome bills and forms and invested in higher and deeper level of fine management, so as to improve the quality of management High quality of financial management helps Yunnan power grid to create a first-class financial management level.

Yunnan power grid actively promotes the construction of intelligent management and control platform in the whole process of the project

Overcome difficulties without changing original intention

According to Ning Dewen, general manager of the planning and Finance Department of Yunnan power grid, Yunnan power grid has developed rapidly in recent years, with fixed assets investment of about 13 billion yuan per year. Yunnan is located in the southwest border of China, with an area of 394100 square kilometers and 16 prefectures (prefectures) and 129 county-level divisions. Project management is difficult because of the wide range of projects and scattered projects. The company has nearly 8000 new capital projects every year. The project management has the characteristics of long cycle, large number of projects, wide range of professional coverage and complex process. In the past, manual electronic watch management had low work efficiency, low data information sharing rate and insufficient supervision.

Therefore, it is an unprecedented challenge to build a new intelligent management and control platform for the whole process of the project. On the one hand, the company is problem-oriented and employee-centered to solve the current pain points and difficult problems and reduce the burden for the grass-roots front-line employees; on the other hand, through the sharing of industry and financial data information, standardization construction, etc., it releases a large number of human resources, and gradually promotes the change of project management personnel from “passive coping” to “active management”, and from “accounting first” to “management priority”. Finally, it provides support for decision-making to achieve the goal of fine, digital and intelligent management.

“It’s our deepest feeling to push forward through difficulties.” Yang Wentao, who is in charge of the final accounts management of Yunnan power grid planning and finance department, said. Many times of communication, repeated discussions, overtime has become the norm during the construction period. They give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party organizations and Party members, constantly break through the difficulties, break through the bottleneck of constraints, break the traditional shackles, and complete the transformation of butterfly like.

Process management

They combined with the actual business, using the theory of process reengineering to completely transform the original process. The company plans to develop and design an intelligent management and control platform for the whole process of the project together with the project team of the finance department and high beam Software Co., Ltd. With intelligent management and control as the core, it optimizes, simplifies and integrates the original process nodes around the “troika” of engineering financial management, that is, capital management, accounting value management and capital increase management and management management. It optimizes, simplifies and integrates the original process nodes, minimizes the labor load, improves the in-process and post event control capabilities, excavates the data value, realizes the whole process intelligent management and improves the management level.

Among them, the intelligent fund management module can automatically allocate the source of project funds and allocate the capitalized interest, intelligently generate accounting vouchers, and compress the workload that needs to be handled manually for two weeks to one day, reducing the labor load by more than 90%.

The effective asset intelligent management and control module connects the business data of planning, infrastructure construction, audit and other seven departments to form the data chain of the whole process of the final accounts after putting into operation, real-time monitoring of the whole process, and giving full play to the financial supervision function.

The project big data monitoring and analysis module integrates 68 key value information, such as investment plan, fund payment, financial accounting and capital increase by transferring to fixed assets in the early stage, implementation and closing stage of the project, monitors and analyzes the abnormal situation in real time, visually displays the core indicators of investment completion, eliminates manual statistical reports and spreadsheet control, and provides multidimensional management for the company’s fixed assets investment Data analysis basis.

Emancipate manpower and improve efficiency

The system has been running for more than half a year since it was launched in October last year. Now sitting in front of the computer, Yunnan Province’s power grid infrastructure projects at a glance. The use of funds and interest of each project can be inquired clearly in a few minutes; the inventory of various materials and materials of the project, which materials are not in stock and need to be purchased immediately are more clear and clear.

Reducing labor load is another bright spot in the application of the system. In the past, financial personnel at all levels of the company were busy for two days to get the statistics. Now, you can get a panoramic view of the data with one click. Yang Wentao said that the reduction of workload has brought tangible benefits to grassroots financial statisticians, and the engineering financial management post has now become a “sweet cake”.

Ning De Wen said that financial personnel should break the traditional concept cognition and realize the ability transformation. The application of information technology makes the financial personnel free from the trivial affairs of accounting and reimbursement. It is undoubtedly to be done in the future to participate in the enterprise management more deeply and participate in the process management together with the business personnel in order to obtain more accurate and vivid data. To realize the linkage between finance and business, the core is to strengthen management.

At the same time, Yunnan power grid company, in accordance with the requirements of China Southern Power Grid to build a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness, actively benchmarked with advanced power supply companies such as Shenzhen power supply company, Guangzhou power supply company, Hong Kong Zhonghua Electric Power Co., Ltd., to continuously improve the target, and constantly move forward to the world-class.

At present, through the application of the system, the project financial management of Yunnan power grid company has realized standardization, process and intelligence. Ning Dewen believes that finance plays a central role in enterprise operation. It is necessary to excavate the value behind the data and provide data support for decision-making through data analysis and management. The ultimate goal is to promote the continuous development and growth of the company. This is the real purpose of Yunnan power grid to continuously promote the construction of financial informatization.

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