Recently, LV Lingxiao, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Honghe Power Supply Bureau, Xiang Xiong, deputy director, Tianxing? Yuan Yin, chairman of Zhongzhi company, and his party went to Yunnan Hongneng Power Sales Co., Ltd. to investigate how to integrate business advantageous resources and improve the market competitiveness of general industrial and commercial users, and asked the company to fully promote the transformation to a smart grid operator.

Yunnan Hongneng Power Sales Co., Ltd. is the first registered power sales company in Honghe Prefecture. It is one of the first power sales companies in Yunnan Province to complete the registration and access procedures. It can provide users with all-round power market transactions and power consumption services. As of 2018, the cumulative number of users participating in market-oriented transactions represented by the company was 1784 times, and the trading power was 1.299 billion kwh.

Yunnan Hongneng power sales company is fully promoting the transformation to smart grid operators

During the investigation, Zou Zhou, chairman and Zhou Yujun, general manager of Hongneng power sales company reported to director Lv Lingxiao and his party on the company’s operation, main work, existing problems and next work ideas since 2018. Director Lv Lingxiao affirmed the work of Hongneng power sales company, such as clear working ideas, business breakthroughs, and the online operation of the “easy power consumption” service platform jointly developed by the two business modules of market-based trading and distribution monitoring, and discussed how to further tap the potential of cooperation with power grid enterprises and cooperate with Tianxing? The advantages of Zhongzhi company coordination are guided.

In the market trading hall, director Lv Lingxiao and his party also specially listened to the introduction of Li Shuming, deputy general manager of Hongneng power sales company, on the comprehensive management platform of easy power consumption. The function of the platform takes data acquisition as the core. Through platform analysis and monitoring, it can find the power security problems of users in time and realize the rapid processing of power problems. Through the power operation and maintenance supervision platform, provide customers with accurate maintenance services of power equipment, and improve the informatization, intelligence and standardization level of the company’s power operation and maintenance. Since the platform went online, it has improved the management efficiency by 15% ~ 30%, improved the service life of equipment by 5% ~ 20%, and reduced the operation and maintenance labor cost by 30% ~ 60%.

Director Lv Lingxiao asked: Hongneng power sales company should take new measures in the new year. It must give full play to the strength of the whole company, go all out to seize the market of general industrial and commercial users, organize forces, define target customers by regions and categories, and take seizing the customer market as a battle. Hongneng power sales company shall quickly improve the necessary ability and quality of business personnel, establish corresponding incentive mechanism, establish a stable customer base, carry out solid work, improve the company’s power occupation share in the power sales market, and strive to build a characteristic energy service enterprise with comprehensive energy housekeeper service, transmission and distribution operation and maintenance service and power trading service.


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