White collar workers have always been an enviable group. Decent work not only brings high salary to these people, but also improves their requirements for their quality of life and living environment. Business office as an indispensable part of white-collar life, good hardware is essential.

For white-collar workers, a good hardware device should not only have a durable appearance, a light body, excellent performance, but also not a bit careless in office ability. At present, there are not many such devices, and Huawei matepadpro5g, as a powerful Android flagship tablet, will definitely be the one that attracts countless white-collar workers.

Full screen, fashion is not only the screen, but also the shape

At present, there are many tablet products on the market, and Huawei’s tablet products have occupied half of the country. The reason why Huawei’s tablet products are so excellent is mainly due to Huawei’s advanced design concept and continuous innovation spirit. Huawei’s matepadpro5g is one of the best of Huawei’s many tablet products.

Huawei’s matepadpro5g has a 10.8-inch full screen on the front. At the same time, Huawei’s matepadpro5g has adopted the pole screen design, which makes the frame equal in width on four sides, and the width is only 4.9mm. As a result, the screen proportion has reached 90%, making it the highest flat screen proportion in the world.

Huawei’s matepadpro5g screen quality is also very good, 2K resolution blessing makes this tablet screen very delicate. Of course, a good tablet needs not only a good screen, but also a fashionable appearance. Huawei matepadpro5g has two different fashion colors: qingshandai and Danxia orange. The plain leather material with a good texture and the simple integrated fuselage make it outstanding in appearance.

The new WPS has comprehensive functions to improve your productivity

Although tablet computers are highly portable, mobile office has always been the weakness of tablet computers, and mobile office is particularly important for white-collar workers. When most people define tablet computers as “child coaxing artifact” and “drama chasing artifact”, Huawei matepadpro5g has upgraded tablet computers into an efficient productivity tool.

Huawei’s matepadpro5g is equipped with a new WPS and can be equipped with Huawei im pencil, which is really quite friendly for office workers. The newly added three functions of WPS, i.e. brush free cutting, portrait matting and ink annotation, can greatly reduce the workload in the process of making PPT, making our office more fast, convenient and light. The above three new functions complement each other with voice notes, intelligent brush mode and other innovative functions, making heavy work easier.

Kirin 9905gsoc is a blessing, and its office performance should be strong at the same time

As we all know, we have entered the 5g era. With the emergence of Huawei matepadpro5g, 5g is no longer limited to mobile phones. The machine is equipped with Kirin 9905gsoc chip with 7Nm + EUV process technology, and has 22 antennas. It supports a variety of network systems, and fast 5g network, so that no matter when or where you work, you will not be dragged down by the network speed. At the same time, the powerful performance of this chip gives Huawei matepadpro5g more expansion possibilities.

Even when dealing with complex office tasks, we can get the same operation experience as traditional PC by turning on Huawei cloud computer. Whether it’s complicated table data calculation, mind map, or even picture editing, it’s nothing to say.

At the end:

Huawei matepadpro5g is the first 5g tablet computer in China. Due to many innovative black technology blessings, the productivity of the tablet computer has been greatly improved. For white-collar workers, Huawei matepadpro5g can be said to be a must-have item.


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