Recently, Yijia announced that it would launch its first TV next month. The company did not disclose the details of the new product at that time. Now there is evidence that Yijia TV will be equipped with 55 inch QLD display. Foreign media expect that Yijia TV will be equipped with HDR panel, Bluetooth remote control and artificial intelligence assistant.

Early this morning, Beijing time, AKIs evangelidis, vice president of Yijia French branch, shared a picture on foreign social networking websites. The picture looks like the screen edge of a TV, and its frame is still relatively narrow. There is [55 “qled] written in the middle of this picture, indicating that the one plus TV adopts a 55 inch qled screen. Officials also said the viewing experience was unparalleled.

At present, it is unclear how many versions of one plus TV will be released next month. If the rumors are true, four one plus TVs will be released in size   43 to 75 inches, is expected to run Android TV system.

Liu zuohu said in the Yijia forum that Yijia TV will take the lead in landing in the Indian market. Now it is an era in which content is the king. At present, Yijia is also actively cooperating with content providers. After finding suitable partners, it will also land in China, North America and Europe as soon as possible.

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