With the rapid development of market economy, people have higher and higher requirements for the reliability of power supply. How to deal with power grid failure and improve power supply reliability under the premise of uninterrupted power supply has become a challenge for the industry. Yijiahe robot has carried on the thorough thinking to this, and handed in a satisfactory answer sheet yesterday. On March 28, Yijiahe held a new product release conference of “smart technology has power and more temperature” in Nanjing. At the conference, Yijiahe launched a new generation of outdoor live working robots, and more than 200 people jointly witnessed Yijiahe’s technological innovation in the power industry and cross-border expansion in the medical industry in the intelligent era.

Yijiahe launched

Live working “special forces” robot

Yijiahe is a company that continues to deeply plough into the main waterway industry of electric power and medical treatment, and forms robots for patrol inspection, operation and fire extinguishing in special scenes such as “power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, use” and tunnels around power related business groups.

At the press conference yesterday, Yijia and heavyweight released the strategic core product of 2019 outdoor live working robot.

Jin Rui, vice president of Yijiahe R & D, said that this robot is a “special soldier” robot that can carry out live working on high-altitude transmission lines. It can replace people to complete the maintenance and repair of high-altitude lines. Through modular software switching, it can automatically adjust the operation strategy, and through the manipulator grabbing and changing different tools, it can complete a variety of complex tasks such as branch line lead splicing.

Yijiahe launched live working "special forces" robot, becoming a first-class robot company in three to five years

As is known to all, the particularity of outdoor live line work poses a great threat to the safety of transportation and inspection personnel. The application of Yijiahe live working robot will greatly guarantee the personal safety of operators and improve the efficiency and accuracy of operation.

It is understood that the two new products released by Yijia and yesterday have been tested by customers on site, and they are cooperating with customers to improve the operation specifications suitable for robots, and continuously improve their professional ability through training, and the corresponding supporting facilities are basically mature and can be put into the market.

Medical care in AI + Era

Cross border cooperation with robots

With the development of technology and the improvement of people’s medical and health awareness, artificial intelligence is gradually penetrating into all aspects of medical treatment.

Imagine that in the future, the transportation and distribution of all kinds of drugs, infusion bags, inspection samples, high-value consumables and surgical instruments in the hospital will be completed by robots, which can cover the daily operations and management activities of key departments in the hospital. What would that be like?

It can be imagined that the application of robots can improve the efficiency of material distribution, build an intelligent material transportation and management system, realize refined distribution and intelligent management in the hospital, reduce costs, improve the level of hospital intelligence and automation, so as to enhance the brand and competitiveness of the hospital.

Yijiahe is familiar with the key technologies of robots in the era of artificial intelligence. Relying on the existing technology and market strength, Yijiahe has a deep layout in the medical field.

On March 15 this year, Yijiahe signed a cooperation agreement with Gulou Hospital, taking the first step in exploring the medical industry. The advent of “Xiaoyi” robot is just beginning. In the future, Yijiahe will focus on the medical industry, constantly explore the application of artificial intelligence technology in hospital management, surgery, nursing and other directions, and accelerate the construction of AI + hospital in a new era.

In the future, Yijiahe will take houqin logistics series of robot products as an opportunity to enter the medical market and establish corresponding customers and market channels; in the next few years, relying on the technical advantages of precision machinery, precision control, high-precision image recognition and other technical advantages, Yijiahe will continue to solve the pain points of medical front-line business and form a series of products.

Clear objectives

Become a first-class robot company in 35 years

Jin Rui, vice president of Yijiahe R & D, disclosed that in the future, the company will continue to deeply explore the power and medical main channel industry, provide products and solutions that can evolve over a long period of time around customer business development, continuously create value for strategic customers, continuously invest in core technology platform, and build itself into a first-class robot company in 3-5 years.

It is understood that from the beginning, Yijiahe has insisted on not wasting strategic investment in non strategic direction, and has always positioned its strategic goal on the development and application of electric power and medical robots. In fact, Yijiahe’s vision is unique, and the future of electric power and medical robot is bright.

According to the data, by the end of 2016, the length of full-diameter distribution lines of State Grid Corporation of China was about 4 million kilometers, with an annual growth of more than 7%. Through the robot to achieve 4 9 live working, the domestic market space is broad, the global space is several times this; the market prospect of medical logistics robot is more promising. According to preliminary statistics, there are more than 2000 tertiary hospitals in China. According to the configuration requirements of central pharmacy, disinfection and supply center, medical waste, medical clothes, operating room, specimens and other scenes, the total space of logistics robots in tertiary hospitals nationwide is tens of thousands, and the market capacity is huge.

At the same time, Yijiahe pays close attention to the quality control.

Product quality is the life of an enterprise.

The reporter learned that Yijiahe has established a strict supplier management system and constantly adjusted and optimized to ensure the quality of the company’s parts. In the software part of Yijiahe products, the operating system, control system, embedded system and algorithm are all independently developed. This year, Yijiahe actively expanded suppliers in the Pearl River Delta area by taking the opportunity of the construction of Songshan Lake production base in Guangdong Province.

Jin Rui said, “the progress of science and technology promotes the development of society. On the way forward, we are well aware of the responsibility and mission on our shoulders. In the future, Yijiahe will deeply explore the medical and electric power industries, and provide customers with more diversified intelligent products and services, so that science and technology can be powerful and warm.”

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