Zhong Kai, general manager of Westone, and his delegation came to yihualu for research and exchange, accompanied by Wei Hongkuan, deputy general managers of Westone, Zhou Jun and others. Lin Yongjun, chairman of yihualu, Gao Hui, President, Gu Tongyu, senior vice president, song Zheng, senior vice president, and others attended the reception.

Zhong Kai and his party first visited the exhibition hall of Hualu group, learned about the company’s strategic layout and business direction in the field of Blu ray storage and data lake, and carried out communication and exchange on industrial security applications, security service products and “data bank” exploration. During the discussion, Lin Yongjun, chairman of yihualu, focused on the company’s digital government and digital enterprise related businesses, saying that yihualu has formed a complete solution for government informatization and enterprise digitalization around the key path of “data collection, storage, governance, use and ease”. On the government side, yihualu continues to explore data storage, application and asset operation in the smart city and intelligent transportation fields, provide services for industrial applications, build a “data bank” solution, help build the local data factor market, and promote the modernization of government governance system and governance capacity; On the enterprise side, with the “four modernizations” of standardization, sharing, value and capitalization as the core, four basic platforms, namely “easy to treat, easy to enjoy, easy to think and easy to count”, will be built to help enterprises’ digital transformation. Gao Hui, President of yihualu, believes that the demand for data security protection in various fields of society, economy and people’s livelihood is increasingly urgent. The digital economy needs to build a full process data security guarantee capability of “storage media infrastructure data application” in order to better realize data aggregation, storage, financing and value realization. The super intelligent storage of EHL based on optical, magnetic and electrical all media can provide users with safe and reliable storage solutions and lay a solid foundation for the safety of the whole data process with storage security.

Zhong Kai, general manager of Westone, said that as a well-known provider of password and network security products in China, Westone has been leading in the field of encryption authentication for a long time, focusing on creating an overall solution of “independent products as the support and deep integration of security and business”. Its business covers five major sectors: basic security, network security, data security, security applications and security services, and has a perfect password products and security operation service system, It is the national team of information security and the main force of the password industry. Zhong Kai believes that yihualu Blu ray storage has obvious advantages in media life, data security and the overall cost of long-term storage. At the beginning of the birth of password, it was to protect data. There is a natural connection between the two. Westcom and yihualu can draw on each other’s strengths and complement each other’s strengths, so that data can be both safely protected and effectively managed and utilized. After exchange and discussion, the two sides agreed to strengthen the exploration and cooperation in the field of data governance and security technology, consider integrating existing technical capabilities, form some solution samples that can be quickly copied and can be directly provided to users, apply Blu ray storage technology and password technology to provide security guarantee for data governance and right confirmation, and then jointly create innovative solutions, so as to not only undertake the implementation of national strategies, It can also cope with the possible emerging market demand in the future, work together to be the guardian of data resources and the defender of data value, and escort the development of digital economy.

Original title: Zhong Kai, general manager of Westone, and his delegation visited yihualu for research and exchange

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