Chongqing — (Business Wire) — yateli technology announced today to further expand the general MCU product line and launch the value-added arm with USB OTG interface ® Cortex ®- M4 at32f415 Series MCU, with a main frequency of 150MHz, provides rich interfaces and various functions, focusing on consumer electronics, industrial Internet and intelligent application devices such as micro printer, bar code scanning gun, USB card reader, E-sports peripheral products (keyboard, mouse, handle), handheld stabilizer and various USB bridges.

Yateli launched USB OTG at32f415 Series MCU to expand a new era of value-added USB applications

At32f415 Series MCU is equipped with 64KB / 128KB / 256Kb built-in flash memory, 32KB high-capacity SRAM and digital signal processor (DSP). It has kernel access flash memory, high-speed zero wait, and its working performance can reach 187.5 DMIPS at the highest dominant frequency, which is significantly better than Cortex-M0 / m3 similar products in the market. At32f415 series covers 12 product models, including four package types: lqfp64 (10×10 mm), lqfp64 (7×7 mm), lqfp48 (7×7 mm) and mini qfn32 (4×4 mm). It expands design flexibility and maintains product compatibility to meet the needs of multiple intelligent applications.

In addition to high-speed processing capacity, at32f415 series is equipped with rich interface resources. USB 2.0 peripherals include full speed device and host transmission modes. With an independent 48mhz internal oscillator, it supports the crystal less design of USB device, which can reduce costs and improve product reliability. In addition, up to 3 USARTs, 2 UARTS, 2 SPIs (reusable I2S), 2 I2C, 1 SDIO and 1 can interface (2.0B active) are integrated on the chip. Most I / O ports can tolerate 5V input signals and are fast I / O (the highest register access speed is fahb / 2). They have a variety of optional functions and support port remapping, providing flexibility and ease of use to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

At32f415 series integrates diversified timers, including one 16 bit advanced timer, which can be used for vector control and supports three-phase PWM complementary output and dead band management functions, five 16 bit general timers, two 32-bit general timers, and 12 channel DMA controller, and extends two high-speed rail to rail input / output analog voltage comparators A 12 bit 16 channel high-speed ADC with sampling rate up to 2m SPS can fully meet the requirements of high-speed data acquisition, mixed signal processing, industrial control and motor applications.

At32f415 series is equipped with the SLIB security library developed by yateli, which supports password protection of the program area in the specified range. The solution provider can burn the core algorithm to the program area in the specified range as required, so as to facilitate the secondary development of downstream customers, and strengthen the security, reliability and convenience of the product itself. In addition, the at32f415 series can configure 18KB system memory as a general user program and data area at one time to expand the use space elasticity of application programs.

Yateli at32f415 Series MCU focuses on replacing and improving the traditional cortex ®- M0 / m3 product solution, import cortex ®- The high-speed mainstream platform of M4 architecture provides high main frequency 150MHz, up to 256Kb flash, 32KB SRAM, USB OTG and related rich peripherals at a batch order price of less than 55 cents, and has secondary development SLIB function. It is the first choice for intelligent hardware design with low development budget. Samples of this series of products have been provided and will be fully supplied in early September.

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