Graphene is known as “the king of materials in the 21st century”. It is regarded as a black technology that can change the future of mankind, and it is a “magic oil” suitable for all walks of life.

Yadea pioneered the third-generation graphene battery Yadea graphene battery won the Nobel Prize winner was affirmed

On March 25, the official Weibo of Yadea Electric Vehicle released a message that Yadea pioneered the 3rd generation graphene battery – TTFAR graphene 3rd generation battery.

For the first time in the industry, the Yadi electric vehicle, which applied graphene materials to the batteries of two-wheeled electric vehicles, was highly affirmed by the “father of graphene” – Nobel Prize winner in physics Professor Andre Heim.

Professor Andre Heim believes that Yardi TTFAR graphene 3rd generation battery, “greatly improved the performance of lead-acid batteries, the use of graphene, so that the battery has a longer service life, faster charging speed, and in the extreme More stable charge and discharge cycles in cold conditions.”

Musk questioned graphene as an “IQ tax”

On March 22, 2022, at the delivery ceremony of Tesla’s Berlin super factory, Musk said when asked about graphene batteries that he was still skeptical about it due to the complexity of making graphene.

Advantages and disadvantages of graphene as lithium battery anode material

Advantages: 1) High specific capacity. 2) High charge and discharge rate

The defects caused by the doping of heteroatoms will change the surface morphology of the graphene negative electrode material, thereby improving the wettability between the electrode and the electrolyte, shortening the electron transfer distance inside the electrode, and improving the diffusion transfer of Li+ in the electrode material. Speed, thereby improving the conductivity and thermal stability of the electrode material.


1) The prepared single-layer graphene sheets are easy to accumulate, and the reduction in specific surface area makes it lose part of the high lithium storage space;

2) The first Coulombic efficiency is low, generally lower than 70%.

3) The initial capacity decays quickly;

4) Voltage platform and voltage hysteresis.

The article is synthesized from Science and Technology News, Sun Zhifu Jeffsun, OFweek Lithium Grid

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