Since the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, policy documents related to national scientific and technological talents have been issued intensively, the number has increased significantly, and the policy strength has been continuously strengthened. , an average of 35 copies per year from 2016 to 2020, reflecting the great importance the state has attached to scientific and technological talents since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and both national and enterprise levels attach great importance to technology and innovation. The technological progress and innovation of industries and enterprises are inseparable from a key factor, that is, scientific and technological talents.

On the occasion of the 30th National Technology Talent Activity Day, we are honored to invite Mr. Yang Tao, Chairman of SIMCom, to share SIMCom's experience and insights in technology talent training and team building as the world's leading IoT communication module company .

Q1: As the earliest IoT communication module company in China, SIMCom has maintained high performance growth for more than ten years in a row and ranked first in global sales for four consecutive years. This is inseparable from the company's talent development. Could you please introduce SIMCom? Do you have an overview of technology talents?

Yang Tao:

As a leading enterprise in the module industry and a national-level specialized and new "little giant" enterprise, SIMCom attaches great importance to the recruitment and training of scientific and technological talents. In 2021, SIMCom's R&D talent pool will reach 1,000, and it is expected to exceed 2,000 by 2023. SIMCom's core employees are composed of returnees from famous European and American universities and graduates from well-known domestic universities. More than half of the employees have a postgraduate degree or above, which is recognized as a gathering place for elites in the industry. As a R&D technology company, SIMCom's technical R&D personnel have accounted for 50% of all employees. Together with operation and maintenance and back-end technical personnel, technical personnel account for more than 65% of the company's total employees. It can be said that they are the company's continuous The source of technological breakthroughs and innovations.

SIMCom Product R&D Environment

Q2: As an enterprise based on R&D hard power and focusing on scientific and technological talents, what efforts has SIMCom made to build a high-quality scientific and technological talent team?

Yang Tao:

SIMCom attaches great importance to investment in talents and R&D. Currently, SIMCom has five R&D centers in Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi'an, Shenzhen and Shenyang. R&D environment, equipped with a full set of 5G R&D equipment and testing instruments. SIMCom has deepened its industrial layout, with a total investment of 4 billion yuan in various places, continuing to consolidate SIMCom's leading position in the new-generation IoT field. SIMCom provides a good environment for scientific and technological talents in terms of hardware, so that their innovative ideas can be quickly implemented here. This is the R&D environment that every scientific and technological talent with faith in technology dreams of.

In addition, SIMCom vigorously advocates technological innovation internally, forming a good atmosphere for innovation. For example, we will launch major technical research projects, select elite soldiers, and focus on solving difficult problems. After the project is over, we will reward project members and report them as incentives. SIMCom also supports employees' innovation in intellectual property rights, and provides support and rewards for patent application. SIMCom has obtained more than 500 patents and certifications worldwide. Not only that, SIMCom has also set up a special award of "God rewards diligent work" to encourage scientific and technological talents who shine in different positions of the company.

In order to promote the sharing and exchange of technical knowledge within the company, SIMCom has also established an internal trainer system. All talents with outstanding performance in various technical positions can compete for the role of internal trainers, helping them to form systematic content with their own experience and knowledge, and share their opinions with other colleagues. Through the internal trainer system, not only the internal trainers themselves can gain a sense of professional honor and professional recognition from colleagues, but also the knowledge and skills can be circulated within the company, creating a benign ability improvement environment for scientific and technological talents.

SIMCom's patent achievements display

Q3: SIMCom has formed a healthy development in the cultivation of scientific and technological talents within the enterprise, and the continuous injection of "fresh blood" is also crucial for technology R&D enterprises. How does SIMCom reserve outstanding R&D talents?

Yang Tao:

SIMCom attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents, and is also committed to the scientific and technological talent development model of "school-enterprise integration and mutual promotion". It has established in-depth cooperation strategies with many universities at home and abroad, and formed an "industry-university-research alliance" with a comprehensive layout. . In the new stage of the "14th Five-Year Plan", universities have unique advantages in subject technology research, while enterprises are good at putting basic research into industrial applications and resource replacement. The linkage between SIMCom and colleges and universities, including jointly running schools, dispatching enterprise experts to teach students in colleges and universities, and jointly building a national science and technology park are all under gradual planning. The new platform for school-enterprise cooperation built by SIMCom realizes the seamless connection of "industry-university-research", which can accelerate the cultivation of IoT practical talents and promote the in-depth development of the smart IoT industry.

SIMCom Product Innovation and Application

Q4: What do you want to say to our scientific and technological talents on this special day?

Yang Tao:

First of all, I would like to thank all the technical staff of SIMCom's various departments and product lines for their hard work. In the context of the continuous spread of the global epidemic, chip shortages and fierce competition in the industry, SIMCom can continue to maintain growth. Undoubtedly. It is hoped that in 2022, when opportunities and challenges coexist, we will continue to use our excellent R&D technology to create high-quality module products, and we will make great achievements.

At the same time, I would like to extend a sincere invitation to outstanding scientific and technological talents in the industry. The development of 5G is in full swing, and the Internet of Everything is in the ascendant. SIMCom hopes to have the opportunity to work with you to achieve technological breakthroughs and create a smart future.

Finally, take the opportunity of the National Science and Technology Talent Activity Day to express our sincere respect to all the scientific and technological talents.

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