Yageo launches X6S MLCC with larger capacity and smaller size

Yageo, the world's leading passive component service provider, recently expanded its CCX6S series to a smaller 0201 case size (0.6*0.3mm) 1u FMLCC with a rated voltage of 6.3V. The new product specifications further expand Yageo's X6S product portfolio, covering case sizes from 0201 to 1210, with capacitances up to 47uF and voltage ratings up to 50V. With this extension, the product range is well suited to a wide variety of applications, most importantly server applications.

With the increasing number of functions of advanced electronic equipment, the suppression of various electrical signal noises generated by equipment or EMI has become a major issue. High capacitance MLCCs are required to reduce noise while maintaining a stable operating system. For example, when more operating systems turned to digital, equipped with a large number of CPUs, large-capacitor MLCCs were used as decoupling capacitors to reduce noise generated by high-speed CPUs.

An example of a high capacitance MLCC application is a server. The characteristics of high-end servers must include powerful computing power and huge storage space. Therefore, it can handle a large amount of loading and unloading, filing, storage, etc. in a short period of time, while serving a large number of users. The noise generated by this high-speed data transmission requires high capacitance MLCCs to suppress. Since industrial servers are often in constant use except for maintenance time, the ability to have high capacitance MLCCs is critical to meet the eternal need for system stability at high temperatures.

Connecting enterprises and medical care, smart epidemic prevention and safety are powerful

On February 9, 2022, Innolux and Chi Mei Medical Center combined the strengths of enterprises and medical systems for epidemic prevention, and jointly developed the "Smart Vaccine Dose Dispensing Machine" and "BNT Vaccine Bottle Turner". Assist the vaccine injection station to complete related operations safely and quickly. Today (9th), witnessed by Dai Qian, Deputy Mayor of Tainan City Government, Innolux donated the first piece of equipment to Chi Mei Medical Center, expressing its support and gratitude for Chi Mei Medical Center's contribution to the medical industry.

Yang Zhuxiang, General Manager of Innolux Optoelectronics, said, "Since the outbreak of the global epidemic, Innolux has shouldered its corporate social responsibility and provided front-line medical personnel with high-precision professional medical panels with its expertise in the panel industry. Innolux uses 3Vs as one of the company's business strategies. "Share Value-Sustainable Growth‧Social Prosperity" concept, with the principle of achieving common good, creating sustainable value for enterprises, and becoming one of the forces that make the world better. This time, the "smart vaccine" is developed with automated technical capabilities. Dosage Dispensing Machine and BNT Vaccine Bottle Turning Machine, provide technical assistance in epidemic prevention, the determination to prevent epidemics together with medical staff, and the strength of enterprises and medical systems to fight the epidemic, so as to jointly protect the health of the Chinese people and show enterprises that have overcome difficulties together Social responsibility determination.”

The "Smart Vaccine Dose Dispenser" has six major features: "operational safety", "capacity correctness", "production time consistency", "simple operation", "caster design for easy movement", and "prevention of human-induced hazards". The Innolux Intelligent Automation Development Headquarters will design and manufacture the equipment, and Chi Mei Medical Center will provide test objects and relevant experience in extraction, and the two parties will work together. The Innolux development team optimized the manual operation of vaccine dispensing (needle) into an automated process, using robotic arms and automated mechanisms to extract vaccines, and achieved volume management through optical liquid level detection, and finally carried out syringe needle cover return operations and products. Outlet classification.

On the other hand, the Innolux development team observed that the BNT vaccine dilution process requires personnel to perform 10 turnover operations each. In order to reduce the labor of medical personnel in repetitive operations and avoid occupational injuries to the wrist of nurses, they developed the "BNT vaccine bottle" by themselves. Tipper". The product mainly uses the technical background of mechanism and electrical equipment to complete the turnover operation of mixed liquid medicine that replaces the high repeatability of medical staff. At the same time, the customized removable tooth fork can be placed, and multiple medicine bottles can be placed, so the operation efficiency can be greatly improved. "BNT Vaccine Bottle Turner" has five major features: "improving work efficiency", "simple and convenient operation", "small and exquisite appearance", "adjustable turning speed and times", and "prevention of human-induced hazards". It is expected that it can be developed into other clinical related applications to achieve the original intention of the design team to develop small and exquisite products, which can also improve the efficiency of related operations and reduce the fatigue and injury of personnel in repetitive and highly repetitive operations.

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