“Green, intelligent and innovative” is the label of xiong’an new area. Over the past year, the construction of the new area has been vigorous, and xiong’an power grid has also made efforts towards the world-class green smart grid. Recently, our reporter visited xiong’an new area to have an in-depth understanding of the clean energy utilization, energy Internet construction and power high-tech development of the new area, so as to reveal the development prospect of the future city for you.

Clean electric energy

Practice the concept of green development

Entering xiong’an citizen service center is like entering a small city. The pastoral green architecture makes it different from the metropolitan cities that people are impressed with, and conveys a brand new concept of city.

If you walk into a shop at will, you will feel warm and comfortable. In November, the northern region has been the heating season. However, unlike the previous heating, xiong’an citizen service center does not rely on coal-fired boilers or central air conditioning, but adopts a cleaner and environmentally friendly heating method.

“We have adopted the technology of ‘shallow geothermal energy + renewable water source + cold and hot dual storage’, which uses the energy conversion of electric energy, soil and domestic sewage to provide cold and heat sources and some domestic hot water supply for the park.” according to the staff of xiong’an new area power supply company, this technology can not only realize the clean, efficient and economical integrated supply of cold and hot water, but also effectively reduce investment Reduced operating costs, more effectively reduce coal consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

With the operation of this cooling and heating technology, the comprehensive energy project of the citizen service center contracted by the power supply company of xiong’an new area has also been successfully implemented. The project includes the construction, development and operation tasks of five sub projects, including urban intelligent integrated energy management and control system (CIEMS), internal and external power distribution facilities, energy station, sewage station and electric vehicle charging facilities. The project was officially put into operation on March 28 this year. In the monitoring room, the reporter saw the background of the CIEMS system. The system monitors various energy sources in real time, such as electric energy, ground source heat pump, renewable water source, cold and hot dual storage. The relevant person in charge of the power supply company of xiong’an new area introduced: “the CIEMS system records in detail the data of various energy consumption in the park, and can also automatically generate energy consumption reports to provide a powerful reference for users to save energy consumption.” Under the systematic regulation, the energy supply of xiong’an Citizen Service Center has realized ecological and environmental protection, and will be popularized and applied in the whole xiong’an New Area in the future.

Not only in xiong’an citizen service center, clean electric energy has been more widely used in other areas of xiong’an new area.

Anzhou primary school in Anxin County, xiong’an New Area completed the transformation of “coal to electricity” last year. At 3 p.m. on November 23, the temperature in the classroom of Anzhou primary school was 20 degrees Celsius. Students basically didn’t have to wear thick coats. Headmaster Wang Hong said: “after the ‘coal to electricity’ change, the heating effect of the classroom is very good, the temperature can be set by itself, and the school does not need to buy coal and invite boiler workers. It is environmentally friendly and labor-saving, and more than 10000 yuan is saved every year than before.” according to Wang Hong, the original boiler room has been repainted and the surroundings have become clean.

The reporter learned that on October 11, the “coal to electricity” project of xiong’an New Area in 2018 was fully completed, involving more than 5000 villagers in 10 administrative villages in Anxin county. Clean electric energy is making the village clean and beautiful.

Electric energy is deeply utilized on the consumption side and cleaned on the supply side. On November 29, the Zhangbei xiong’an 1000 kV high voltage AC power transmission and transformation project was approved by the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission. The project will send rich wind power and Optoelectronics in Zhangjiakou to xiong’an new area to realize the cleaning of external power in the new area. With the help of clean electric energy, xiong’an new area will be more beautiful in the future.

Xiong’an power grid

Open the era of energy interconnection

“Xiong’an new area is a piece of white paper, and there are infinite possibilities.” this is what the builders of xiong’an new area often say. Building xiong’an is a millennium plan and a national event. Xiong’an power grid must also be a first-class urban power grid with high standards.

Open the power grid status map of the three counties in xiong’an new area, and the original power supply positioning in xiong’an area is all class C or D. Generally speaking, the county is positioned as class C power supply area and the countryside as class D power supply area, while the power supply positioning of xiong’an new area is all class A + power supply area, which has jumped from class C and class D power supply areas to class A + power supply area. The original power grid lines of xiong’an new area are difficult to meet the demand, which means that the construction of power grid in xiong’an new area is equivalent to drawing on a piece of white paper.

Xing Zhikun is a member of the power grid planning team of xiong’an new area. Since he worked in the power supply company of xiong’an New Area on October 16, 2017, he can’t remember when he took a holiday. In order to do a good job in the power grid planning of xiong’an new area, he and his colleagues often rush between Beijing, Shanghai and xiong’an. Once, the planning team worked in Beijing for a month and a half. When the season changed, many colleagues didn’t bring autumn clothes, so there was a scene of everyone working together wrapped in nightgowns. Xing Zhikun and his colleagues’ hard work has not been in vain. The special power planning of xiong’an new area has achieved results, and the prototype of xiong’an power grid in the future is basically presented.

In the Internet era, the power grid, as a traditional way of energy supply, is no longer just power supply, but began to have extensive contacts with all walks of life to provide people with more scientific energy choices. Zhang Jing, associate researcher of energy Internet Innovation Research Institute of Tsinghua University, said: “Energy interconnection is the trend of future development and the inevitable choice to ensure national energy security. At present, water, electricity, heat, oil, gas and other energy sources perform their respective duties and are not connected with each other, which is not conducive to the optimal allocation of resources. In the future, after energy interconnection, the power grid will be a transparent power grid, the data of the power grid will be mutually verified with the data of other industries, and the energy utilization will be improved More efficient and secure. “

According to the plan, xiong’an’s local wind power and photovoltaic will be fully developed and utilized, the consumer side will realize the deep substitution of electric energy for fossil energy, guide users to use new energy mode, and realize the flexible access of distributed photovoltaic and energy storage in combination with photovoltaic building integration and energy storage configuration. Users in the new area are both energy providers and energy users.

In the future, the power supply company of xiong’an new area will cooperate with the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences, Tsinghua University and other advantageous forces to fully support the State Grid chip company and the Internet of vehicles platform company to settle in xiong’an new area. The United Nations network financial technology group and big data credit investigation company will carry out business and strive to build a first-class power grid with energy interconnection.

New technology

Leading the future smart life

Entering gate 5 of xiong’an citizen service center, a beautiful container in the south is particularly eye-catching. This is the DC house of “green energy magic box”. It is jointly built by xiong’an new area power supply company, Pinggao group, information industry group and Gree Electric appliance. It is the prototype of a green smart home. Different from the AC appliances commonly used in our home, all the appliances in this “green energy magic box” are DC appliances.

On the top of the DC house, solar photovoltaic panels are installed, which can basically meet the power demand of the DC house. At the same time, the house is also equipped with energy storage devices and intelligent energy management system. The intelligent energy management system realizes the integrated management of power supply, energy storage and household appliances, allocates electric energy efficiently and scientifically, realizes the complementarity of multiple energy sources, and ensures that the house will never be powered off.

Zhang Hailong, power supply management center of xiong’an new area power supply company, said: “solar power generation is DC power. As long as the voltage level is changed simply, it can be directly used by the DC appliances in the house without multiple conversion through the AC / DC conversion device. Compared with the AC system, the energy consumption of the DC system can be reduced by about 7%, which has strong energy-saving benefits.”

Another advantage of DC house is its security. In the DC room, the DC power adopts 375 V and 48 V step-by-step operation. The 375 V line is located above the room to supply power for high-power appliances such as air conditioner, washing machine and induction cooker; The 48 volt line is located below the desktop to supply power for small household appliances such as fans, desk lamps and air purifiers. Zhang Hailong said: “48V voltage has little impact on human body, which can effectively avoid the risk of accidental electric shock injury.”

Go out of the DC house and come to the parking lot opposite the planned exhibition hall of xiong’an public service center. The parking space marked with wireless charging is particularly eye-catching. When the driver parks the electric vehicle in the charging area, the charging can be controlled with one click through the app. Ma Tao, power supply management center of xiong’an new area power supply company, said: “wireless charging can effectively avoid the risk of electric shock and is safer and more convenient. It will be promoted in a wider range in the future to help the construction of urban intelligent transportation.”

In addition to the wireless charging position, the V2G charging pile of electric vehicle is also favored by tourists. V2G charging pile can not only realize the charging of electric vehicles from the power grid, but also realize the power transmission of electric vehicles to the power grid. Through a small charging pile, users are not only power users, but also active power supply participants. Ma Tao said: “through the mobile app, users can automatically set Valley charging and peak selling. At that time, as a supplement to the power grid, the electric vehicle battery can cut the peak and fill the valley of the power grid load curve. Car owners can earn the price difference and obtain additional income.”

In xiong’an new area, high-tech based on electricity is in full swing in R & D and testing. In the citizen center, unmanned supermarkets, driverless cars, floor sweeping robots and patrol robots can be seen everywhere. Power technology is depicting a picture of smart life. It can be predicted that xiong’an new area will be a highly electrified city in the future, and the power grid will inject new power into this future city.

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