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Apple’s M2 chip has been mass produced and will be shipped in July as soon as possible for MacBook notebook


April 28: according to sources, Apple’s next-generation processor M2 has entered the stage of mass production this month. The manufacturer is TSMC, which will ship as early as July and will be used on MacBook computers. It is reported that MacBook with M2 processor was originally scheduled to go on sale in the second half of this year.


Recently, some research institutions reported that Apple plans to launch new 14 inch and 16 inch MacBook Pro models in the second half of 2021, which will be equipped with mini LED display, consistent with previous reports. The laptops are expected to be powered by Apple silicon chips and adopt a new design to restore SD card slots and HDMI ports.


New high-end MacBook Pro models are often expected, as apple is likely to equip them with its M1 chip upgrade (m1x or m2). Several reliable sources have also claimed that touch bar will be replaced by physical function keys and MagSafe magnetic power cord will return.


It is reported that so far Apple has updated four MAC models with apple silicon chips, including 24 inch iMac, 13 inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and mac mini. Previously, apple said its transition from Intel processors would be completed around the 2022 WWDC global developer conference.


TSMC surpasses Intel as the most valuable chipmaker in the world


On April 28, according to the 20-F form submitted by Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation (TSMC) to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the market value of TSMC has surpassed that of us chip giant Intel.


It is understood that the form is mandatory for foreign companies whose shares are traded on the US stock exchange, which is equivalent to the 10-K annual report submitted by US listed companies.


According to the chip manufacturer’s latest form 20-F submitted earlier this month, 106.4 million ads are being traded by 2020. Using NYSE: TSM’s closing price yesterday, that means the market is worth $636 billion. However, this value is different from that shown on Google Finance and Yahoo Finance. The U.S. market value of TSMC listed on these two websites is $558 billion and $564 billion respectively.



Intel’s latest form 10-Q filed with the SEC shows that as of March 27, 2021, the company has about 4 billion shares of common stock in circulation. At Intel’s closing price of $57.98 yesterday, that means the market is worth $235 billion. Google Finance and Yahoo Finance listed Intel’s market value at $239 billion (yesterday’s reading) and $234 billion, respectively. According to these figures, TSMC is more than twice as valuable as Intel.


Huawei began recruiting semiconductor equipment R & D personnel, according to the news


April 28: according to supply chain source @ mobile chip expert, Huawei has recently started to recruit some R & D personnel for semiconductor equipment. This is really a long way to go plan, and it is not easy.



At present, semiconductor manufacturing is the key to be stuck in the domestic semiconductor industry, and semiconductor equipment is easy to be stuck in the manufacturing industry, including lithography machine, etching machine, PVD / CVD deposition, ion implanter and so on.


As soon as the news came out, netizens immediately thought of the photoresist. Some people commented that “the photoresist is really just needed by Huawei now”. At the same time, some people said that it’s too late to do it now.


At present, the news about Huawei’s entry into the semiconductor equipment industry has not been officially confirmed by Huawei. However, at the recent analysts’ meeting, Xu Zhijun, vice chairman and rotating chairman of Huawei, said that there is no place to process any chips of Hisilicon. As part of Huawei’s chip design, it is not a company pursuing profit, and Huawei has no demand for profit.


Xu Zhijun said that now we are supporting this team and moving forward as long as we can afford it. This team can continue to do research, continue to develop, continue to accumulate, and make some preparations for the future.


Sk Hynix Q1 net profit increased by 50%, DRAM supply is expected to be tight throughout the year


April 28 news: this morning, SK Hynix, the global memory giant, released its Q1 financial report. Driven by the global chip shortage and rising prices, the company’s performance unintentionally exceeded market expectations. Sk Hynix also said it would increase capital investment to cope with the chip shortage that is expected to run through the whole year.



According to the financial report, the company’s Q1 revenue was 8.49 trillion (about 49.5 billion yuan) won, an increase of 18% over the same period of last year, and an increase of 7% over the fourth quarter of last year; The operating profit is 1.32 trillion won (expected 1.29 trillion won) and the net profit is 993 billion won. Driven by the reduction of expenses, the two indicators have increased by more than 50% year on year, and the operating profit margin has also increased to 16%.


In addition, as for the sharp decline of 44% in net profit on a month on month basis, the company explained that the increase in valuation included in investment in kioxia in the fourth quarter of last year raised the base.


In terms of specific business, SK Hynix’s DRAM (dynamic random access memory) shipment increased by 4% in the first quarter, while NAND flash shipment increased by 21% in the first quarter.


In terms of technology progress, SK Hynix plans to supply high-capacity multi chip modules based on 12gb DRAM from the second quarter, and increase the capacity of 1znm (third generation 10nm process) DRAM. At the same time, the 1anm technology of deep UV lithography is expected to complete research and development and put into mass production within this year. In the field of NAND flash memory, the company will increase the output of 128 layer products to increase the sales of enterprise SSD, and realize the mass production of 176 layer products within this year through the existing technology.


Regarding the prospect of SK Hynix, Lee jaeyun, an analyst at Yuanta securities, stressed that the rising price trend of the memory chip industry will continue. Lee said that the hoarding of memory chips for PC and mobile devices started in the fourth quarter of last year has continued to this day. This year, with the shortage of DRAM supply for servers, the price rise of chips has been further accelerated. In early April, competing Meguiar technologies also said that DRAM prices were rising rapidly due to “serious supply shortage”.


Industry chain news: annual maintenance of the factory by Corning and Youda optoelectronics will aggravate the shortage of LCD panel supply


April 28 news according to foreign media reports, industry chain insiders have previously revealed that due to the shortage of upstream key parts and strong demand from downstream customers, the global supply of LCD panels has been unable to keep up with the demand, and suppliers are also considering raising prices.


In the case of global LCD panel supply shortage, the industry chain has heard that the supply side may be more tense.


According to industry chain sources, Corning and Youda optoelectronics plan to carry out annual maintenance of their factories, which may affect the supply of glass substrates and LCD panels.


Industry chain sources did not disclose how long it would take Corning and Youda optoelectronics to carry out annual maintenance of the factory, but if it lasted for one week or more, the impact on the supply of LCD panels would be more obvious.


However, industry chain sources also revealed that the annual maintenance of the factory by Corning and Youda optoelectronics will only aggravate the shortage of LCD panel supply in the short term.


Science and Technology Innovation Board


PI film manufacturer ruihuatai landed on scientific innovation board


April 28 news today, PI film manufacturer ruihuatai officially landed on the science and technology innovation board. The stock code is 688323, the issue price is 5.97 yuan / share, and the issue price earnings ratio is 24.38 times. As of 15:29:59, its share price reached 27.12 yuan / share, up 354.27%.


According to the data, ruihuatai is mainly engaged in the research, production and marketing of high-performance PI films. Its products include thermal control PI films, electronic PI films and electrical PI films, which are widely used in flexible circuit board, consumer electronics, high-speed rail transit, wind power generation, 5g communication, flexible display, aerospace and other national strategic emerging industries.


In terms of performance, from 2017 to 2019, its revenue was 121 million yuan, 220 million yuan and 232 million yuan respectively, with an average annual compound growth rate of 38.53%; The corresponding net profit was 10 million yuan, 37 million yuan and 34 million yuan respectively, with an average annual compound growth rate of 86.53%, showing an increasing trend with the expansion of business scale and the improvement of profitability.


In terms of segmentation, the main business has contributed a large amount of revenue. In 2018, the revenue of the business increased by 82.11% compared with the same period of last year, mainly due to the significant increase of its production capacity compared with the same period of last year, as well as its outstanding research and development ability of new products and obvious competitive advantage in the market; In 2019, the revenue of the business increased slightly by 5.21% year-on-year, which was mainly limited by the production capacity. However, its new production line was put into operation in October of the same year, which will ease the capacity limitation.


Through years of research and development accumulation, ruihuatai’s production technology level is outstanding, and has formed obvious competitive advantage. From 2018 to 2020, ruihuatai’s operating revenue was 220 million yuan, 232 million yuan and 350 million yuan respectively, with a compound growth rate of 26.12%, and the operating revenue in the latest year reached more than 300 million yuan.


Ruihuatai plans to raise about 400 million yuan, all of which will be used for Jiaxing high performance polyimide film project. The above raised investment project is implemented by Jiaxing ruihuatai, which plans to build a new capacity of 1600 tons of polyimide film. The main products of the project include thermal control PI film, electronic PI film, electrical PI film, special function PI film and other series of products. Based on the existing capacity, the project timely and moderately expands the strategic layout of multi product categories and multi end customers, So that the company has a more balanced and richer product structure in the industrial chain and occupies a more favorable competitive position.


New Yichang technology innovation board, a leading enterprise in LED solid crystal field, listed


April 28 news today, San’an optoelectronics and Guoxing optoelectronics supplier xinyichang successfully landed on the science and technology innovation board. The securities code is 688383, the issue price is 19.58 yuan / share, and the issue price earnings ratio is 19.51 times. On the first day of listing, its stock price was as high as 71 yuan per share. As of 15:29:59, the share price was 65.50 yuan / share, up 234.53%.


It is understood that xinyichang is mainly engaged in the research, production and marketing of intelligent manufacturing equipment in LED, capacitor, semiconductor, lithium battery and other industries, and has successfully entered the field of semiconductor packaging equipment and lithium battery equipment. In addition, some core parts of its intelligent manufacturing equipment products, such as driver, high-precision reading head, linear motor and voice coil motor, have been self-developed and self-produced. It is a rare domestic intelligent manufacturing equipment enterprise with independent R & D and production capacity of core parts.


From 2017 to 2019, xinyichang achieved revenue of RMB 505 million, RMB 699 million and RMB 655 million respectively. The revenue mainly came from intelligent manufacturing equipment products. During the same period, the sales of such products were RMB 478 million, RMB 686 million and RMB 632 million respectively, and the corresponding net profits were RMB 51 million, RMB 102 million and RMB 88 million respectively.


In terms of gross profit rate, the gross profit rate of its main business was 28.18%, 32.22% and 36.82% respectively, showing an upward trend.


In addition, the top five customers accounted for 33.44%, 34.47% and 33.82% of the current main business income respectively, which was relatively stable. However, according to the observation, the main businesses of its top five customers are relatively scattered, covering LED packaging, capacitors, optoelectronic semiconductor devices, electronic devices, LED displays, electromechanical equipment and other manufacturers.


new product


Exposure amd Zen 5 sharp dragon desktop APU code Strix point: adopt 3nm process + large and small core design


April 28: according to foreign media reports, Phoenix APU based on Zen 4 architecture will land on desktop and mobile platforms next year, while the next generation Zen 5 APU is in the early stage of design and development. It seems that the consumer CPU and APU product lines after Zen 4 will usher in significant changes. For example, the use of advanced 3 nm process technology, supplemented by a hybrid core architecture.


It is said that the AMD ryzen desktop APU based on Zen 5 core is codenamed “Strix point”, which is based on the new 3nm process node, while Zen 4 is based on 5nm.


In terms of design, “Strix point” APU will usher in many changes. According to the source, amd has made greater improvements to the odd generation Zen architecture, while the even generation Zen kernel will get better optimization on this basis. It is expected that the Zen 5 “Strix point” APU will become a part of the Ruilong 8000 Series processor, supplemented by a major design improvement – the introduction of hybrid architecture.


In addition, like Intel’s 12th generation alder Lake processor, which is scheduled to appear in the second half of 2021, the Zen 5 architecture is said to adopt a “big and small core” design.



@Bullsh1t_ Buster disclosed on twitter that the “Strix point” Raptor APU is expected to have eight Zen 5 cores and four small cores, but it is not clear which architecture the small core will be based on.


The first batch of AMD Zen 5 “Strix point” processors are expected to appear in 2024, supplemented by redesign of memory controller (IMC) and cache.


Intel has confirmed that it will release 11 generations of core refresh processors later this year


April 28, according to foreign media reports, Intel will release its 15-28w tiger lake-u refresh processor for notebook later in 2021.



It is reported that Intel will launch tiger Lake processor before releasing 12 generations of core alder Lake processor. The new processor is expected to adopt the optimized 10nm process, the CPU frequency will be slightly improved, and it may also support lpddr5-5400 memory. According to the disclosure, tiger Lake u refresh will be available in i7-1195g7 and i5-1155g7 models.


Previously, Intel has said that the 11 generation core low-voltage processor will support lpddr5 memory, but the first i7-1165g7 series and the later vPro i7-1185g7 series all support up to lpddr4x-4266. It is expected that i7-1195g7 will eventually support lpddr5 memory, which will bring higher performance for kernel display.




Start broadcasting! Singapore Telecom to commercialize SA 5g


Singapore Telecom (SingTel) has started issuing independent Networking (SA) 5g compatible SIM cards to its customers, ready to put the network into commercial use.


Anna Yip, chief executive of its Singapore consumer business, said Singapore Telecom’s engineers were working with “major handset manufacturers to complete tests and prepare for the commercial launch of (SA) networks.”.


SA SIM cards are said to be “future oriented and enhance the mobile experience.”.


As smartphone manufacturers release SA 5g version software updates for existing terminal devices and launch more compatible models, Singapore Telecom plans to increase its promotion efforts in the next few months. It will also gradually expand indoor coverage.


The operator said it had upgraded its 5g wireless access network through “advanced wireless technology” to “connect to the cloud native SA (core network) so that it can run 5g independently”.


It is understood that Singapore Telecom launched its non independent Networking (NSA) 5g network in selected areas on September 1 last year. Its competitor StarHub M1 also plans to launch the SA 5g service in 2021.


Internet of things


Apple will cut air pods production by 25% – 30% this year due to declining sales


April 28 – Apple will cut its production of airpods by 25% – 30% this year as competition in the wireless headset industry intensifies, according to foreign media reports.


Apple currently expects to produce between 75 million and 85 million in 2021, compared with its previous forecast of 110 million, the source said. The order reduction began in the second quarter, close to the third quarter. At present, the inventory level of airpods is very high, and the demand is not as strong as expected.


The report did not specify which air pods would reduce production. Apple’s current range of airpods includes the airpods pro, the second generation of standard airpods, and the $550 headset airpods max.


Previously, several reliable sources have said that the third generation of airpods will enter the mass production stage in the third quarter of this year. The design is similar to airpods pro, but lacks “pro” features, such as active noise reduction. Apple is expected to launch its new air pods in the third quarter, from July to September. Production reduction may also be a behavior of “stimulating sales”.


It is reported that by the end of 2020, Apple will have updated its entire product line, including the new iPhone, iPad, MAC, apple watch and so on. Airpods is one of the only Apple products not upgraded by the end of last year.


Industrial control and medical treatment


ABB Ability ™ The latest appearance of elevator performance optimization service: agile and secure remote support service within reach


April 28 news recently, ABB Group launched a new ABB ability ™ Hoist performance optimization service.


It is understood that this digital service can provide practical operation suggestions according to the key performance indicators (KPI), extend the normal operation time of mine hoist, and improve its availability, performance and productivity. Relying on ABB ability ™ Edgenius dashboard application, which can quickly analyze and gain insight into the operation of various mines.


These dashboard applications, developed by ABB experts and customers, are designed to classify and display key information of hoists according to performance, supervision and safety. In addition, the scheme platform is more flexible, scalable and meets the requirements of high-level network security.


It is of great significance to predict and analyze the status of mine hoist, which is helpful to prevent time-consuming and high-cost unexpected failure shutdown. With abb capability ™ Hoist performance optimization system, users can change to the state based monitoring mode. The system can automatically collect, classify and manage relevant data, and then conduct safety monitoring and analysis to generate executable insights, so as to improve production performance, identify potential safety hazards and optimize maintenance plan.


ABB said that the performance optimization service closely links customers’ mine hoists with experts from ABB cooperative operation center, provides remote or on-site technical support, and monitors mine hoists all day, so that users can take precautions. This not only improves the availability of equipment, but also ensures the overall safety of mining operations. Connect the customer’s mine hoist with the experts of ABB cooperative operation center,


It is understood that the new ABB ability ™ Edgenius dashboard cloud solution can be directly used by old users to promote the digital processing of reports and improve the transparency of work. These dashboard programs are available at ABB ability ™ Secure access on the cloud platform allows customers to deal with problems according to ABB’s operation suggestions, cooperate and learn more closely in the distance, without on-site maintenance and business trip, saving time and effort and reducing ABB’s carbon footprint.


ABB Ability ™ By collecting and analyzing the data of each operation point, working cycle, loading and unloading time, safety braking system and safety supervision of mine hoist, the performance optimization system improves the availability, performance and productivity of mine hoist. These data analysis results can also be used as the basis for optimizing the hoist and further improving the production.




Wisdom tooth technology won 200 million yuan of C + round financing, and deeply cultivated the Intelligent Cloud customer service track


On April 28, it was reported that wisdom tooth technology, an intelligent cloud customer service brand, announced the completion of a 200 million yuan C + round of financing, with hillhood venture capital as the leading investor, yunqi capital as the investment participant and index capital as the exclusive financial consultant.


It is reported that wisdom tooth technology is a customer life cycle service solution provider. At present, it has expanded four business lines of wisdom tooth customer service, wisdom tooth marketing, wisdom tooth wisdom customer and BPO. Its product matrix covers three scenarios of “marketing + service + management” of customer contact center.


Through online customer service robot, artificial online customer service, call center, intelligent calling in and out robot, work order system, enterprise and micro smart customer and other multi product solutions, it covers the whole link of “pre-sale + in sale + after-sale”, helping customer contact center develop from basic business support to intelligent marketing service integration.


At present, wisdom tooth technology service customer group covers retail, education, finance, medical care, enterprise services, living consumption, games, operators, government and public utilities, with more than 300000 cooperative application enterprises and more than 80% renewal rate of old customers. In the past six or seven years, wisdom tooth technology has maintained an annual growth rate of more than 80%.


Automotive electronics


Xinqing Technology: the first car gauge level chip based on the most advanced manufacturing process in China is expected to be released in Q4


April 28 news this month, Wang Ziyuan, general manager of Wuhan company of Hubei Xinqing Technology Co., Ltd., disclosed the latest development of Xinqing technology.


Wang Ziyuan said, “at present, the development and testing of all source codes including more than 30 self-developed intellectual property rights have been completed for the first generation of vehicle specification chip project. It is expected that in the fourth quarter of this year, the first high-performance intelligent cockpit vehicle specification chip based on the most advanced manufacturing process in China will be officially released, breaking through the foreign” neck “technical problems, Help Wuhan build a world-class automotive semiconductor industry ecological chain. “


Weng Jing, senior legal director of Xinqing technology, said that since the start of the application in September 2020, Xinqing technology has obtained a number of invention patents and utility model patents, covering information security, multi-core heterogeneous and asynchronous computing, hardware information security, video and image processing, software and hardware collaboration and simulation, quick start and many other core technologies of vehicle size chip design.


At present, more than 20 patents are in the stage of examination and approval or preparation for application. This year, we are going to apply for another 20 to 30 patents, which will lay a solid foundation for the next step of applying for the listing of high-tech enterprises and science and technology innovation board.


Earlier, some foreign media reported that, as soon as the end of next year, Xinqing technology will launch a 7Nm car size chip, and TSMC will produce it as an OEM.


It is understood that the core engine technology Co., Ltd. is jointly funded by Zhejiang yichatong Technology Co., Ltd. controlled by Geely Group and Amway China. With Wuhan as its headquarters, it has R & D centers in Beijing, Shanghai and the United States to develop and manufacture all high-end chips from traditional automotive electronic architecture to the next generation of intelligent networked automotive electronic architecture.


Tesla adjusts its application for Berlin factory construction, and the German government says it is not sure when approval will be completed


On April 28, it was reported that Tesla had adjusted its application for the super factory it planned to build in Europe. On April 27, the German state of Brandenburg, where the plant is located, said it was not sure how long it would take for the new application to be approved at this stage.


Earlier, Tesla said on April 26 that construction of its planned plant in glenhead, a suburb of Berlin, was in progress, adding that the plant was expected to achieve production and delivery by the end of 2021, but the company did not disclose further information. Previously, the company said it planned to complete the construction of the plant and put it into operation before July 1 this year. A Tesla spokesman declined to comment.


The Ministry of agriculture of the German state of Berlin denburg said that the revised construction application showed that Tesla would build a new cell factory here, and the company had previously announced this plan. “In the absence of further details on the nature and scope of the planned changes, a statement on the process and the time required to make a final decision can only be made at a later stage,” the Department said


Earlier this month, Tesla sharply criticized Germany’s regulatory process, saying it was too long. The company previously said it could produce up to 500000 model ys a year after the new plant was built.


Supported by Geely, lutes plans to become a pure electric brand in 2028


On April 28, according to foreign media reports, British sports car manufacturer luters said on April 27 that it will invest more than 2 billion pounds (about 2.8 billion US dollars) to develop new technologies and expand its production of sports car models on a large scale. The company also said it hopes to become an electric only brand by 2028.


It is understood that China’s Geely and Malaysia’s Etika automobile will provide financial resources for luters to increase the current average annual output of 1500 vehicles and provide more products to the global market. The investment plans include a new luters plant in Wuhan, China.


In response, Matt Windle, general manager of luters, said that thanks to the support of Geely Group, luters had to invest in building a new automatic painting workshop for its UK plant and take advantage of the relationship between Chinese companies and suppliers to get better prices.


The company’s plans include a new luters plant in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Matt Windle, general manager of the company, said that with the support from Geely, luters has set up a new automatic spraying workshop in its UK plant, and that with Geely’s relationship with suppliers, luters has obtained better supply prices.



In addition, windler also mentioned that the goal of lutes is to achieve all electric by 2028, when lutes will celebrate its 80th birthday, but the exact date may depend on the popularity of Emira. “We will definitely be fully electric by the end of 2030,” windler said Wendler said that lotus’s first electric sports car will be released in 2028, but the length of time depends on solving the problem of battery weight. Luters also said its first pure electric “super sports car” evija will be put into production later this year. Evija will produce a limited number of 130 vehicles, each for about 2 million pounds.


Statement: This article is comprehensively reported by E-enthusiasts, referring to Nikkei Asia, cnBeta, fast technology, financial association, techweb, China Daily, securities times, videocardz, AnandTech, China communications network, abb China, yiou.com, Hubei Daily, Gaishi automobile, EV, etc. Please indicate the above source for reprint.

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