From April 14th to April 16th, the Shanghai Munich Electronics Show was grandly opened at the New International Expo Center. Xinwang Microelectronics focused on the self-developed KungFu core, and focused on showing the KungFu core 8-bit and 32-bit MCU in automotive, industry, AIoT. applications in three fields.

Xinwang Micro's self-created KungFu core is designed based on a reduced instruction set, and has become another commercial embedded processor core after ARM, MIPS, and RISC-V, with complete independent intellectual property rights and a complete tool chain system. The KungFu kernel family includes KungFu8, KungFu32, digital signal controller kernel KungFu32D, and multi-core system KungFu32DA.

Xinwang Micro launched the first industrial-grade automotive-grade standard Flash+EEPROM type 8Bit MCU in Greater China in 2009; released the second-generation KungFu8 core product in 2015; released 17 8-bit MCUs in 2019, and mass-produced KungFu32 in the same year 32-bit automotive-grade MCU with core.

At present, the MCU based on the independent KungFu core of Xinwang Microelectronics has taken the lead in realizing the import design and mass production application of localized MCU devices in SAIC, Volkswagen, Dongfeng, Geely, BAIC, Shaanxi, Wuling, Foton and other models.

Lu Hengyang said that in 2020, the sales of Xinwang micro-vehicle-grade MCUs will exceed 30 million, and the shipment of 32-bit MCUs has also reached one million pieces. According to the current shortage in the automotive electronics market, coupled with the shift of many TIer 1 and automotive electronics projects to domestic chip manufacturers, revenue is expected to increase significantly this year.

Lu Hengyang pointed out that the 8-bit MCU market will not dissolve and will still exist in terminal control applications. The future development idea is to integrate more peripheral components into an independent SoC chip.

From general-purpose processors to next-generation multi-core processors, Xinwang Micro has a complete plan. At present, the commercial environment is very impressive, especially in China, more than 25 million cars are manufactured every year, and the amount of MCU in each car is about 50 or more. However, there are still foreign chip manufacturers in the field of industrial control, which is also the vast market space of my country's chip industry. Xinwang Micro will focus on automobiles and gradually cover other high-reliability application fields, not only limited to automotive electronics.

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