In December 28, 2021, the core Electronics announced that it had completed several hundred million yuan C1 round of financing, and the joint venture of Shanghai race capital, Zhongjin capital, water Wutong, Zhongke and Xuanyuan friendship continued. The capital of the old shareholder of silicon port continued to invest in the third round, and Yun Xiu capital continued to serve as a financial adviser.

In 2021, Xinwang microelectronics realized large-scale mass production of vehicle specification level 32-bit MCU products based on self-developed Kungfu core. It has successfully reached strategic cooperation with many large domestic vehicle manufacturers and international Tier1. At the same time, it has entered the supply chain system of overseas vehicle manufacturers such as Hyundai of Korea and Volkswagen of Germany. Its application fields cover the fields of body, chassis wire control, BMS, OBC, instrument, multimedia and so on.

The current round of financing funds will be used to invest in the R & D and market promotion of vehicle specification chips, including asil-d multi-core products applied to automobile engines and domain controllers, as well as diversifying product lines around automobile ecology and improving its own Kungfu core ecosystem. Xinwang microelectronics is committed to becoming an important cornerstone supplier in the automotive semiconductor field and ensuring the safety of the automotive supply chain to the greatest extent under the background of global core shortage.

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