-Samsung adopted the independent chip design solution of Xinsi technology and achieved milestone excellent results in its advanced process technology. It realizes the leapfrog development of the new era of independent chip design

Mountain view, California, January 12, 2022 / AP /–

  • DSO. AI is a breakthrough technology of Xinsi technology based on artificial intelligence, which helps Samsung independently realize higher frequency and lower power consumption in its advanced mobile chip design
  • DSO. AI has been applied in many chip design projects by Samsung to continuously deliver previously unattainable results in a shorter time

Synopsys, Inc., NASDAQ: SNPs) recently announced that its artificial intelligence design system (DSO. AI) has been adopted by Samsung and has successfully completed the most advanced high-performance design based on advanced process technology. This is one of the successful cases of using Xinsi technology artificial intelligence design system to realize advanced chip design.

AART de geus, chairman and co CEO of Xinsi technology, said: “For decades, independent chip design has only existed in science fiction. The emergence of artificial intelligence design system is a key milestone in the history of semiconductors and will also inject new vitality into the continuation of Moore’s law. Congratulations on Samsung’s extraordinary achievement, and we look forward to achieving the next 1000 times growth with Samsung.”

The chips designed by artificial intelligence will be manufactured by Samsung’s advanced manufacturing technology. In order to meet the market demand for high-performance and low-power design, Samsung adopts the award-winning artificial intelligence independent design system DSO ai ™ (design space optimization AI), which greatly improves the fusion compiler of Xinsi technology ™ Functions of RTL to GDSII solution. DSO. AI adopts reinforcement learning technology to achieve more optimized performance, power consumption and area (PPA). DSO. AI can be applied to every stage of design and implementation, which can increase the working frequency to more than 100MHz and greatly reduce the overall power consumption, thus saving Samsung several weeks of manual design work. Samsung is an early development partner of Xinsi technology’s independent design technology. Since the autumn of 2020, it has deployed DSO in many projects ai。

DSO. AI introduces a new methodology, that is, the best solution from the main search design space through the latest technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Traditional design space exploration has always been a labor-intensive work, which usually requires months of experiments based on past experience and knowledge. In today’s highly competitive market, better design solutions mean faster software performance, longer battery life and more personalized user experience.

Karl Freund, chief analyst at Cambrian AI research, said: “This technological breakthrough marks the beginning of a new era. Artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning technology will help architects carry out physical design and even logical design. This will bring us infinite possibilities and great potential. It can lead to a significant reduction in application resources, faster time to market, and better power consumption, performance and cost.”

DSO. AI can greatly expand the exploration scope of various choices in the chip design workflow, and realize mass automatic processing of less important decisions. DSO. AI released architecture innovation with AI level productivity, which opened a new growth track for the semiconductor industry and paved the way for the realization of more than 1000 times of chip applications.

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