With this acquisition, Xinsi technology will be able to provide complete Ethernet IP solutions, including Mac, PCs and 112G PHY applied to 200g/400g and 800g high-performance computing SOC.

Mountain view, California, April 20, 2021 / AP / — Synopsys, Inc., NASDAQ Stock Code: SNPs recently announced that it had signed a final agreement to acquire morethanip, a 10g to 800g data rate Ethernet controller IP company. Through this acquisition, designware of Xinsi Technology ® The IP product portfolio of Ethernet controller will be further expanded. Mac and PCs applicable to 200g/400g and 800g Ethernet will be added, which will provide customers with low latency and high-performance full line Ethernet IP solutions for network, AI and cloud computing system on chip (SOC), and will supplement the existing 112G Ethernet PHY IP solutions of Xinsi technology. The acquisition of morethanip will also add an experienced R & D engineer team to Xinsi technology. They have rich domain knowledge and have always been the leading force in the development of high-speed Ethernet specifications.

The transaction terms of the acquisition have little impact on the financial situation of Xinsi technology and will not be disclosed. The transaction is currently expected to be completed in may2021.

Joachim Kunkel, general manager of Xinsi technology solutions division, said: “with the rapid growth of Internet traffic, the continuous development of super large-scale cloud data centers has promoted the demand for high-speed interfaces to optimize cloud data processing, networking and storage. Through the acquisition of morethanip, we can rely on the leading Ethernet IP product portfolio to provide a complete controller and physical layer (PHY) Ethernet IP solutions meet the performance and delay requirements of 200g/400g/800g cloud computing design, support customers to fully meet their own needs, and provide them with high-quality IP complete solutions. “

Xinsi technology’s extensive designware IP product portfolio includes logic library, embedded memory, IO, PVT sensor, embedded test, analog IP, interface IP, security IP, embedded processor and subsystem. In order to accelerate prototype design, software development and integrate IP into SOC, the IP accelerated program of Xinsi technology provides IP prototype suite, IP software development suite and IP subsystem. We have invested heavily in IP quality and comprehensive technical support to help developers reduce integration risks and shorten time to market.

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