Xinhuazhang, a leading EDA (Electronic Design Automation) intelligent software and system enterprise, announced that it had completed a pre-a+ round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, which was led by Hillhouse venture capital and invested by SMIC Juyuan and Songhe capital. Yunhui capital and most evergreen, the investors of the pre-A round, continued to follow the investment, firmly optimistic about the long-term development of xinhuazhang. This round of financing is the refinancing of xinhuazhang after the pre-A round just announced last month. The funds will continue to be invested in the global deployment of R & D forces and the integration and breakthrough of EDA and cutting-edge technologies.

Xinhuazhang: EDA intelligent industrial software level system developer

Previously, it had reported the financing news of xinhuazhang: xinhuazhang completed the 100 million yuan pre-A round of financing in october2020, which was jointly invested by Yunhui capital and Zhenge fund. In less than one month, xinhuazhang once again obtained nearly 100 million yuan of financing, which shows that the strength of the company is extraordinary.

Founded in March, 2020 and headquartered in Nanjing, xinhuazhang is a domestic integrated circuit electronic automation (EDA) intelligent software and system company based in China and facing the world. EDA is not only the key technology of IC industry innovation, but also the indispensable core industrial software for designing and manufacturing chips.

Chips have become the top priority in the era of digital economy. At present, there is great room for the development of the domestic EDA market. EDA is also the core technology in the domestic integrated circuit industry chain in urgent need of independent innovation, and the business scenario involved by xinhuazhang is the chip verification link with the largest demand for EDA technology. In August, xinhuazhang announced the launch of the open source EDA ecological project, and in September, it launched China’s first open source EDA technology community – edgit com。

What is the next plan of the financing party xinhuazhang?

Wanglibin, chairman, CEO and founder of xinhuazhang, the financier, said: we are glad to share the same ideals and aspirations with this round of investors, and walk with them to accelerate the progress of xinhuazhang in EDA technology breakthrough and product research and development. More people and the investment community pay attention to the root technology EDA in the future digital era, which is a high recognition for our team that is serious about technology and deep industry. In this month, xinhuazhang plans to release the first domestic verified EDA technology supporting domestic computer architecture. At present, the team is closely deploying the R & D and launch of a full range of next-generation verified EDA systems and software, and is determined to improve China’s EDA tool industry chain with new technologies and improve chip innovation efficiency.

What are the reasons for this investment of investors Hillhouse venture capital and SMIC Juyuan?

Wu Xuefei, executive director of Hillhouse venture capital, the investor, said: EDA technology is the core driving force of the digital economy in the future, and is going through a key development period from automation to intelligence. Hillhouse venture capital is very optimistic about the xinhuazhang team led by wanglibin: in addition to excellent technology and experience, they also have leading technical ideals. The core Huazhang team is expected to achieve EDA technology breakthrough, provide more integrated circuit enterprises with advanced and complete EDA verification solutions, and will become a key force to promote the development of the industry.

The relevant person in charge of the investor SMIC Juyuan said: SMIC Huazhang has industry experts, a world-class R & D team, and a firm technical route and perfect product strategy. We believe that xinhuazhang will create a new generation of EDA technology, launch a complete EDA verification solution, and empower the majority of integrated circuit enterprises.

What is the evaluation of this financing event?

Founder Wang Shuai’s view: only a few months after its establishment, xinhuazhang has completed the financing of RMB 100 million. Since its establishment half a year ago, xinhuazhang has started to launch self-developed verification EDA tools, fully demonstrating its outstanding technical strength. EDA is a key field affecting the development of the integrated circuit industry, and xinhuazhang takes the lead in applying AI algorithm to the research and development of a full series of EDA products.

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