On the occasion of the “2020 national network security publicity week”, another “2020 HCS Hefei network security conference” with the theme of “active security and building industrial ecology” was successfully held for many years. Network security experts and scholars from all walks of life such as government, academia and industrial users gathered in Hefei to jointly focus on the network security challenges in the new infrastructure era, Deeply explore the new mode of joint ecological construction of “government, industry, University, research and application” of safety industry.

“The development of new infrastructure is facing new security challenges. The rapid development of 5g and artificial intelligence not only promotes the in-depth development of digital transformation, but also promotes network security to a new height.” Yu Yingtao, CO president of Ziguang group and CEO of Xinhua 3, said at the conference that network security work should have a forward-looking vision, clear strategy, clear division of labor and extensive cooperation.

In recent years, relevant laws and regulations such as network security law and ISO 2.0 have been gradually implemented to promote the rapid growth of the security market; The increasing attention of society to security and the continuous emergence of emerging technologies have promoted the development of network security into a new era. According to the white paper on China’s network security industry (2020) released by the Chinese Academy of communications and communications, the scale of China’s network security industry will reach 156.359 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 17.1% over 2018. It is expected that the scale of the industry will be about 170.2 billion yuan in 2020, with a growth rate of about 8.85%.

During the conference, sun songer, vice president of Xinhua III group and President of safety product line under Ziguang shares, was interviewed by c114 and other media to explain in detail the 2.0 upgrade of Xinhua III’s active safety in the direction of comprehensive AI, cloud, coordination and symbiosis, as well as how Xinhua III can promote the joint construction of industrial ecology and agglutinate all parties in the safety industrial chain to help the implementation of new infrastructure.

Xinhua III helps the implementation of new infrastructure, ecological empowerment and sharing the "prosperity" of safety industry

Sun songer, vice president of Xinhua Group 3 and President of safety product line

Full stack AI: Active Security re upgrade

In 2017, Xinhua Group 3 took the lead in putting forward the concept of “active security” in the industry. The continuous evolution and upgrading of technology and the variety of business needs promoted the evolution and upgrading of network security technology. In order to further promote the upgrading of network security defense, Xinhua III officially upgraded the active security to phase 2.0.

“Xinhua three group will take AI as the engine, cloud as the core, collaboration as the basis and symbiosis as the goal, and cooperate with many partners in the industry to build the ‘active security’ cornerstone of new infrastructure.” Sun songer stressed that, especially in the context of the development of new infrastructure, there is a greater need for a cloud edge integrated security protection system of “active perception, agile intelligence, accurate early warning and full-time availability”. “Security is an important guarantee for the new infrastructure. Without network security, the new infrastructure will not be able to advance reliably and stably, which will directly affect national security.”

In terms of security AI strategy, the security AI based on “Ai inside” starts from the four directions of cloud AI platform for cloud training, AI scenario of multi service engine, AI gateway supported by software and hardware, and collaborative AI terminal, so as to realize the comprehensive AI empowerment of “cloud, management, edge and end”, self adaptation of security scene, self adjustment of security model and self optimization of security strategy. At present, Xinhua three group has built a full range of AI security business board equipment, as well as security knowledge map and security machine learning ability.

In terms of Security Cloud strategy, sun songer pointed out that with the deepening of enterprise digital transformation, the application of enterprise systems has gradually shifted to the cloud, and the trend of network security towards cloud has become an inevitable trend. To this end, the security cloud of Xinhua three group aims to make the security delivery service through cloud security enabling, cloud security operation and maintenance and cloud security deployment. At the same time, through security cloud, it can change as needed to realize the flexibility of security architecture, the scalability of security resources, the choreography of security services and the accessibility of security services everywhere. According to reports, Tianyi security brain is one of the best practices of Xinhua’s three security cloud strategy.

In terms of security coordination strategy, Xinhua three group further upgraded and built a three-level coordinated systematic defense system. The advanced security collaboration of active security strategy covers solution level collaboration, product level collaboration and data component level collaboration. Through three-level collaboration, an active, intelligent and comprehensive “cloud network edge end” three-dimensional protection system is built to comprehensively improve the risk response speed and protection ability of users, better solve network security problems and realize the systematic linkage of security capabilities.

According to sun songer, the main goal of the active security 2.0 strategy of “active discovery, intelligent analysis, early warning and timely response” of Xinhua three group is to bring the core value of “earlier risk discovery, more accurate threat analysis and faster response processing” to users.

Ecological empowerment: sharing the “prosperity” of security industry

In July this year, Xinhua Group III officially released the “safe ecological cooperation strategy 3.0”. Sun songer stressed: “in the face of complex network security needs, no security manufacturer can take over the world because there are too many security technology fields. Therefore, in the era of active security 2.0, the aggregation, symbiosis and win-win of the industrial chain is the ultimate goal of Xinhua III. We should face new challenges and adapt to the new situation, including enabling new infrastructure.”

For a long time, Xinhua Group 3 has attached great importance to ecological construction. When the concept of “active security” was put forward in 2017, Xinhua Group 3 launched the “network security innovation technology alliance” in the same year, calling on and promoting the ecological construction in the security industry, and committed to delivering one-stop security solutions and services for users in the industry.

Tu Yao, chief engineer of safety product line of Xinhua 3 group, pointed out that based on the practice of the past three years, Xinhua 3 has made a new upgrade in its cooperation with partners, which is no longer limited to the cooperation of single point products and projects. “Now the scope of our ecological cooperation has been extended to the upstream and downstream of the whole industrial chain, including policies, talents and technological innovation.”

“As a key link in the active safety system of Xinhua three group, the construction of safety ecology is particularly critical.” Xinhua 3 upgraded the active security ecosystem, adhered to the principle of “mutual trust, symbiosis and win-win cooperation”, focused on 5g security, Internet of things security, content security, zero trust security, compliance, industrial control security, cloud security, application security and other security fields, joined hands with partners to create better products and services and promote common innovation of core technologies, Share the scarce resources of the security industry. At the same time, supported by a strong industrial investment fund, Xinhua III will strive to deepen cooperation in the three fields of safety product ecology, safety channel ecology and safety service ecology.

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