8 ~ 60V DC operating voltage, with 96% efficiency to provide up to 140W power output, thermal management, product size, product weight and reliability are systematically optimized.

With the development of 5g communication technology and Internet of things, driverless technology has become increasingly mature, which promotes the deep reform of logistics industry. In the current era of COVID-19’s global rage, the flow of nobody has become the focus of attention. In the 4 three application scenarios of terminal distribution, community commerce and industry, the demand for contactless distribution is urgently needed.

How to provide the maximum load in the limited body space, deliver to the designated place stably and accurately, and return safely has become the biggest concern of users. In the past, due to the large volume of power supply, short driving range and the need of satellite navigation in the whole process, the operation efficiency and cost of the no person flow vehicle are low, especially in the place with poor signal, which has become an obstacle to the development of the no person flow vehicle.

The unmanned logistics vehicle launched by Xingshen intelligent has been systematically optimized in terms of thermal management, overall dimensions, self weight and reliability. It improves the driving stability, reliability, load capacity and endurance, and uses GNSS independent multi-source sensing positioning technology, which can seamlessly switch to indoor and outdoor scenes. It has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy, wide scene adaptation, and rapid deployment without the need to modify the user site or road facilities. It can be used in hospitals, high-rise residential areas and other places with poor satellite signals It has the same applicability.

At present, a number of intelligent driverless products have been put into application, covering the terminal logistics driverless vehicle and the application field of factory logistics driverless vehicle. Taking the terminal logistics unmanned vehicle as an example, the total weight of the vehicle is 1000kg, the maximum load is 500kg, the vehicle size is 188 × 100 × 177cm, the maximum speed is 35km / h, and the maximum number of packages can be loaded is 42.

The system characteristics of no flow vehicle put forward higher requirements for power supply system. VICOR pi3740 power supply module solves the technical difficulties in the design of no flow car and meets the system design requirements.

The maximum power of the intelligent control system is about 100W. The system converts 48V voltage to 12V voltage through pi3740 to supply power for the control panel. The number of pi3740 on the control panel depends on the application scenarios of the logistics vehicle. The use of multiple pi3740 requires parallel connection of outputs. The zero voltage control mechanism of pi3740 does not require the user to collect the output voltage and current. The simple physical connection of several voltages realizes parallel output. Reliable, convenient and simple connection is favored by system engineers.

High power density and wide voltage output

The new pi3740 voltage regulator supports 8 to 60VDC operating voltage range, and can provide up to 140W power and up to 8A output current with 96% efficiency. Pi3740 integrates VICOR’s proprietary high frequency zero voltage switching (ZVS) switching technology, which is a power module with high conversion efficiency and power density. Pi3740 fully integrates its controller and power switch in a 10 mm × 14 mm × 2.5 mm system level package (SIP). In addition, other features of pi3740 include high frequency (1 MHz) operation, parallel option, constant voltage and constant current (e.g. for LED lighting applications), over-voltage, over temperature and over-current protection, and temperature range from – 40 ℃ to 115 ℃.

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