After the United States announced sanctions against Huawei, there were overwhelming reports that Chinese enterprises were stuck. In the eyes of ordinary people, processors and operating systems are the most famous, but in fact, many unknown things are also easy to be stuck, such as FPGA chips. When Huawei develops its own chips and 5g devices, it is necessary to use FPGA.

        The global FPGA chips are mainly monopolized in Xilinx and Altera (which have been acquired by Intel), which can account for 70% of the market share, as well as lattice and MICROSEMI, two smaller companies, which together account for almost 90% of the market share, while Chinese manufacturers lag far behind in both share and technology.

Xilinx releases 28nm FPGA chip and resumes supply to Huawei

After Huawei was sanctioned by the United States, Xilinx also immediately stopped shipping to Huawei. However, after inspection, they believed that some 28nm processes (10nm and 7Nm processes have been used for the latest products) and some FPGAs that do not involve 5g are not limited and can be supplied to Huawei, so they resumed some supply to Huawei.

        Today, Xilinx also released the Q1 financial report of fiscal year 2019 as of June 29. The revenue of the quarter was US $850 million, a month on month increase of 3% and a year-on-year increase of 24%. The revenue was in line with the previous expectation of US $850 million, but slightly lower than the analysts’ expectation of US $853 million.

Xilinx releases 28nm FPGA chip and resumes supply to Huawei

Victor Peng, CEO of Xilinx, said that although export restrictions affected Xilinx’s shipment to a Chinese customer, Q1 revenue still met expectations. At present, the Asia Pacific region has become the largest revenue source of Xilinx. After partially resuming the supply to Huawei, Xilinx also applied to the U.S. Department of Commerce for a new license, hoping to obtain approval to export more FPGA chips to Huawei.


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