Fujitsu 5g RF unit introduces Xilinx ultrascale + technology into o-ran macro base station and new network deployment

Beijing, China, February 5, 2021 – Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: xlnx), a global leader in adaptive computing, today announced that it is providing leading ultrascale + technology for Fujitsu Limited o-ran5g RF unit (o-ru). Fujitsu o-ru using Xilinx technology will be deployed in the first new 5g network in the United States that meets the o-ran standard. At the same time, Fujitsu is evaluating Xilinx rfsoc technology in order to further reduce cost and power consumption for the subsequent deployment of more base stations.

Fujitsu o-ru is applicable to various frequency bands and multi band applications of 5go-ran network. The Xilinx ultrascale + device adopted by Fujitsu o-ru is oriented to the evolving 5go-ran network requirements, and achieves the best balance between cost economy, adaptability and scalability. In addition, Xilinx will continue to work with other o-ran ecosystem partners to ensure continuous verification of the software and hardware required for world-class 5g networks.

Liam Madden, executive vice president and general manager of cable and wireless division of Xilinx, said: “we are proud to use our industry-leading ultrascale + solution to jointly develop its multi generation 5g RF unit with Fujitsu. These units will be widely used in the main new 5g networks. With the continuous evolution of 5g market demand, Fujitsu also recognizes the significance of integrating Xilinx flexible rfsoc in dealing with the evolution of next-generation radio deployment standards. “

Masakitaniguchi, senior vice president and head of mobile system business department of Fujitsu, said: “Fujitsu’s design team and Xilinx work closely on the o-ran RF unit to achieve greater flexibility and lower cost, and bring greater innovation and more new functions to 5g network. The combination of Xilinx ultrascale + Solution portfolio and Fujitsu’s leading radio platform has laid a solid foundation for giving full play to the advantages of o-ran, which will play a core role in 5g deployment. We look forward to continuing to work with Xilinx to integrate its rfsoc family into our next generation solutions. “

The first batch of new 5go-ran systems will be deployed this year.

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