From September 1st to 3rd, the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC2022) with the theme of "Intelligent Connected World, Yuansheng Unbounded" will be held in Shanghai. This year, Xijing Technology has appeared at the conference for the fifth consecutive year, bringing the world's first intelligent battery-swap driverless commercial vehicle Q-Truck and commercial-grade self-driving minibus Q-Shuttle, demonstrating its green innovation in the field of large logistics and Achievements of value implementation on a global scale. Come and see, what wonderful pictures are there.

In 2022 WAIC, Xijing Technology will launch the Q-Truck, the world's first intelligent battery-swapping driverless commercial vehicle. This is the fourth product iteration of Q-Truck, which can achieve power update without anyone in the whole process.

The new heavy-duty truck is equipped with a large-capacity battery pack of up to 210KWH, which can complete the battery replacement within 6 minutes, while the heavy-duty truck with the same carrying capacity needs to be charged for at least 2 hours even if it uses the fast charging mode. At the same time, the cruising range is up to 150KM and the load is up to 80 tons, realizing the level of high intelligence, high safety and high adaptability of unmanned driving.

In this exhibition, "Big Q" successfully attracted the attention of many media and audiences.


Expand more application scenarios

Xijing Technology also brought a commercial-grade self-driving minibus Q-Shuttle at this conference. The vehicle is equipped with Xijing's unique multi-scenario self-driving platform Q-Pilot, which is committed to expanding diversified business scenarios such as logistics parks, industrial parks, and tourist attractions. , to help the development of smart city transportation.

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Xijing booth is waiting for you to check in

This year at WAIC, we have prepared peripheral products produced by "Nishijing Intelligent Manufacturing Bureau" for the audience and friends, which have attracted many audiences to participate in the check-in. There is always one that you like.

For a long time, Xijing Technology has always used human intelligence to go deep into the scene, find the optimal solution of the relationship between "intelligence" and "people" for many industries, and create business value to the greatest extent.

We also put forward "Efficiency Economics" for the first time this year. With the development concept of "efficiency first and value implementation", we have created a realizable AI innovation-driven and globalized frontier layout to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency and achieve intelligence. , Green transformation and upgrading.

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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