On April 16, Xiaopeng automobile announced that it would continue to cooperate with NVIDIA. The next generation of intelligent pure electric vehicles will continue to be equipped with NVIDIA AI automatic driving computing platform, and the super Long-range Intelligent sedan “Xiaopeng P7”, which will be officially launched on April 27, will become the first mass production vehicle equipped with NVIDIA drive AgX Xavier automatic driving platform.

NVIDIA Xavier processor is defined as the artificial intelligence supercomputer SOC, which was officially announced as early as the end of September 2016. It is manufactured by TSMC 16nm process, integrates 7 billion transistors (comparable to the desktop mainstream core Pascal gp104), has eight ARM CPU cores independently designed by NVIDIA, is matched with 512 CUDA GPU cores in Volta architecture, and has a new computing vision accelerator Dual 8K HDR video processor, capable of hardware encoding and decoding 8K video.

Xiaopeng automobile announced that it will continue to cooperate with NVIDIA, and NVIDIA AI automatic driving computing platform will help

It is said that NVIDIA drive AgX Xavier computing platform has L4 level automatic driving computing capacity, which can realize 30 trillion operations per second, while the power consumption is only 30 watts, and the energy efficiency is 15 times that of the previous generation architecture.

At the same time, Xavier is also the first SOC chip dedicated to mass production level automatic driving, which can meet strict safety standards and regulatory requirements, provide redundancy and compatibility necessary for processing multiple sensor data, and effectively ensure highly automated mass production level automatic driving.

Xiaopeng P7 is equipped with up to 13 cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars. It integrates the open NVIDIA drive OS operating system. Xpilot 3.0 automatic driving assistance system has also made a breakthrough in “localization” and “automation”. It can be applied to urban roads and highways according to China’s road conditions, and has the advantage of high automation, It can also unlock more functions in the future through the continuous evolution of the whole vehicle Ota.

The specific automatic driving capability of Xiaopeng P7 will be officially announced when it goes on the market on April 27.

Xiaopeng automobile stressed that in the future, it will continue to work with NVIDIA to provide more competitive, optimized, more applicable and safer automatic driving functions for a wider range of consumers.

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