Recently, Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi 34-inch curved display to Europe at the Xiaomi global ecological chain conference.

We must all be familiar with Xiaomi’s 34-inch curved display, which was released in China in October last year. It is understood that the screen of Xiaomi’s 34-inch curved display uses a VA panel with a screen ratio of 21:9 and a large curvature of 1500R, making the visual surround feeling even better. Its resolution is 3440×1440, the brightness is as high as 300cd/m2, 121% sRGB color gamut coverage, and the screen color is more realistic.

In addition, the refresh rate of Xiaomi’s 34-inch curved display is as high as 144Hz, and it also has AMD Free-Sync technology blessing, coupled with the low delay brought by the 4ms response time, it can make the gaming experience of game-loving e-sports players to a higher level building.

In terms of appearance, Xiaomi’s 34-inch curved display has a 2mm narrow border, which makes the visual effect more immersive. Users can also adjust the display according to their own viewing angles, which is very user-friendly.

It is reported that Xiaomi’s 34-inch curved display is expected to be launched in Europe in August.

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