It’s good to eat more vegetables and fruits, but it’s better not to eat if you can’t wash them clean. How do you usually clean fruits and vegetables? On December 17, youban portable fruit and vegetable purifier was officially put on the shelves. Xiaomi has products and opened crowdfunding to clean fruits and vegetables with high-tech means, making them healthier. The crowdfunding price of youban portable fruit and vegetable purifier is 199 yuan. As of the time of publication, 3749 people have supported it, and 746051 yuan has been raised, with an achievement rate of 187%. Let’s have a look.

Youban portable fruit and vegetable purifier

Let’s first look at the sterilization principle. Under the action of the ion generator, water is decomposed into hydroxyl ions and hydrogen ions. Part of the decomposed hydroxyl ions take away and recombine the hydrogen ions on the pesticide and bacterial cell wall to make it harmless. Another part of hydroxyl ion combines with chlorine in water to form hypochlorous acid, which is degraded and killed bacteria through oxidation reaction. Hypochlorous acid can also release new ecological oxygen and use its oxidation to effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms.

Youban portable fruit and vegetable purifier

Because of the compact design, it is only the size of the palm and easy to store. It can be carried at home, on business and travel, so as to ensure health all the time. When purifying, it is in the utensils and hidden in the kitchen after purification, so there is no need to worry about the space problem of the kitchen; Youban portable fruit and vegetable purifier is equipped with a 4400mAh high-capacity battery, which can work 35 times for 5 minutes each time, and supports wireless induction charging; When in use, inject tap water into the cleaning container, place the host horizontally upward in the cleaning container, gently press the power key, enter the standby state after dropping sound, and then press again to start working.

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