On November 5, Xiaomi will launch a new category – Xiaomi watch. This is also the first watch product launched by Xiaomi brand. According to the real photos exposed by Lei Jun, the appearance of the new product is square, similar to Apple watch.

This morning, the official microblog of MI family warmed up again: Xiaomi watch can install app.

“A real smart watch should be able to install apps, control smart home, have an open and ecological operating system like a mobile phone, and have..,” the official said If you can, what app would you like to install for Xiaomi watch

In the preheated poster, we can see that millet watches will provide the application market, which can see WeChat, Alipay, dripping travel and other APP, but the volume is less than 5MB, it should only achieve the most basic functions.

Xiaomi watch will be able to install app or realize the most basic functions

Limited by the watch’s screen size and storage limitations, Xiaomi watch will not support the installation of conventional Android apps. Since the ecology is open, it also means that other manufacturers can develop corresponding simplified versions of apps for Xiaomi watch, which undoubtedly has a qualitative improvement in function.

In addition, we can also see that Xiaomi watch will connect with Xiaomi smart home, for example, it can check the status of the sweeping robot, and even directly control the start of cleaning.

The official Xiaomi watch also revealed that Xiaomi watch is a “small cell phone” on the wrist. From the internal structure diagram, Xiaomi watch is equipped with independent high-performance CPU, independent GPS, independent NFC, independent Wi Fi / Bluetooth module, independent linear motor, independent speaker, large capacity battery and ESIM virtual card.

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