Qu Heng, general manager of Xiaomi eco chain, shared the real machine demonstration video of Xiaomi watch. One of the functions in the internal test is to watch the video from station B.

From the perspective of screen size and battery life, watching online videos on smart watches has some “dazzling” elements, but it also shows the powerful performance of Xiaomi watch and the perfection of the system.

Xiaomi watch real machine demonstration video is released, you can watch the video directly at station B

The mobile phone also shows that millet watch can be installed in Sogou map, WeChat, Alipay, Himalaya, beep, air travel tiktok, and flare, and so on. It is very similar to Lei Jun’s watch form “smart phone”.

According to the published internal structure diagram, Xiaomi watch is equipped with independent high-performance CPU, independent GPS, independent NFC, independent Wi Fi / Bluetooth module, independent linear motor, independent speaker, large capacity battery, ESIM virtual card, etc.

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