December 2 news, millet watch OTA official announced! Xiaomi watch will officially release its first OTA upgrade from December 3 to 5, during which it will be pushed one after another.

Just open the watch settings → system → about → click system update and pause for a while. When the system update can be checked, the system update will be downloaded automatically (the latest version number is xm037).

In order to get faster download speed, we suggest that you use Wi Fi to download updates. You can turn off the Bluetooth of the watch, or put the watch into the charging stand all the way.

Xiaomi watch officially releases OTA upgrade, IOS app goes online for the first time

The details are as follows:

IOS app launched

Xiaomi, the online version of IOS, wears the app to improve the user experience of IOS.

Optimize pairing experience

Optimize the first pairing of watches after a few minutes before the watch jams.

Optimization of browsing and downloading experience in application market and dial Market

When downloading apps from dial / app store, WiFi is preferred to make the download experience smoother.

Notification prompt repair

Solve the problem of receiving app notification on the watch after some app notifications are closed in Xiaomi wearable app.

Interactive optimization of Sogou input method

Sogou input method added tutorial to guide users how to switch input mode.

Weather location optimization

Fix weather location information not refresh.

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