The Mi TV Master Extreme Edition is the super-sized cup of Mi TV, and it will debut on September 28.

Today, Xiaomi TV officially warms up the new feature of Xiaomi TV Master Extreme Edition: 5G.

Xiaomi pointed out that the future is a world where everything is connected, and the link of everything is 5G.

The Mi TV Master Extreme Edition is equipped with a 5G module. It is the world’s first 5G mass-produced TV that has passed the CTA network access certification test. It supports 5G SA and NSA dual networking, covering the three major domestic operators. The theoretical download speed of the SA network is as high as 2.1Gbps.

More importantly, 5G is not only the “highway” of the communication network, but also gives the terminal the confidence to connect with everything in the future.

The official emphasized that the Mi TV Master Extreme Edition has left a 5G module for the future. This “connected brain-computer” in the post-informatization era gives Mi TV a rich expansion space in the 5G era.

In addition, the Mi TV Master Extreme Edition uses an 8K resolution screen, and at the same time brings one of the most advanced display technologies: Mini LED, which achieves a breakthrough improvement in picture quality.

Xiaomi said that 8K will be standard in the next five years. 8K TVs, like 4K TVs of the year, are on the eve of the popularization trend. Xiaomi TVs want to be the vanguard of this popularization storm.
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