Xiaomi has put Weigang SE800 mobile SSD on the shelf, using type-C interface, the reading speed can reach 1000mb / s.

It is understood that Weigang SE800 has two versions, 512gb and 1TB. The former sells for 799 yuan and can get 40 yuan coupons; the latter sells for 1099 yuan and can get 100 yuan.

Weigang SE800 is available in black and blue. The size of the device is 72.7x44x12.2mm. It is easy to fit into a pocket. It has a lightweight metal shell and weighs 40g.

Xiaomi on the Weigang SE800 mobile SSD, read speed up to 1000mb / s

Its interface is USB 3.2 Gen 2 type-C, which can support different operating systems such as Android, Mac OS and windows. Whether it’s photos, music or high-quality movies, it can be transmitted and shared between various devices anytime, anywhere.

According to the official introduction, the reading speed reaches 1000mb / s, which is 6.6 times of the mechanical hard disk. It only takes 50 seconds to transmit about 50GB 4K movies.

Weigang SE800 mobile SSD meets the IP68 standard, has dust and water-proof functions, and can be immersed in 1.5 m deep water for 30 minutes.

In addition to dust and liquid protection, the SE800 also meets mil-std-810g 516.6 shock resistance standard, which can easily cope with accidental drop and impact.


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