In April last year, Xiaomi brought a “double-sided art” TV, Xiaomi mural TV, which is 65 inches and 13.9mm in thickness. The innovative flat back design and fit wall hanging make the TV and the background wall fit seamlessly and have a more artistic sense. It is suitable for all kinds of home scenes.

Now, the 75 inch Xiaomi mural TV is also here. An appointment was made at 10 a.m. on March 12, and it officially went on sale on March 13. The price is 9999 yuan.

The TV adopts double-sided flat and slim design, the whole body is as thin as 21mm, and seamless wall hanging can easily integrate into various home styles. It supports all scene AI voice, and is equipped with independent soundbar and subwoofer as standard, which can bring cinema level sound quality experience.

Xiaomi mural TV sold for the first time, seamless wall hanging can be easily integrated into a variety of home styles

The 75 inch Xiaomi mural TV has the ultimate split design. In addition to the speaker and motherboard, it also integrates the power supply into the lower host. The host is the speaker, which makes the screen part a pure screen. Only in this way can the positive and negative sides be flat.

The 75 inch screen adopts 4K resolution, supports hdr10, and the aluminum alloy side frame adopts two-color anodizing process and one-piece seamless bending forming process. A bright blue appears in the silver gray full of metallic feeling, full of aura.

Performance, equipped with four core processor, 2GB memory, 32GB storage. With soundbar and subwoofer, the sound field is more powerful; It is equipped with 3 HDMI interfaces, 2 USB interfaces, AV, Ethernet and other necessary interfaces, which can easily expand the entertainment life.

Xiaomi mural TV supports Xiaoai. It can control smart home devices through the TV. Long press the home button to view the smart devices connected to the smart Internet Ecology at home, and further operate.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi TV’s 5 Pro 75 inch will also be sold for the first time on March 13, with the same price of 9999 yuan. Which one do you prefer?

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