Recently, according to the official data of Xiaomi Group, as of November 22, 2021, the global monthly active users of Xiaomi MIUI have officially exceeded 500 million, and at the same time set a record for the fastest growth rate in the history of Xiaomi MIUI. This is Xiaomi Group’s global business development. another important milestone.

In the past eleven years, MIUI has been the pioneer and benchmark of the industry. MIUI has taken the lead in launching many industry-leading privacy protection functions in recent years, bringing many industry-leading functions. MIUI12.5 optimizes the barrier-free tactile function, which can monitor the degree of fragmentation with high sensitivity and reduce the interaction cost of multiple terminals.

The smooth and stable MIUI system is rapidly gaining the support of more users around the world. In addition, Xiaomi actively cooperates with OPPO, vivo and other manufacturers to achieve cross-device interconnection and achieve the gratifying achievement of over 100 million new monthly active users worldwide. .
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