Xiaomi will hold the Xiaomi annual flagship conference at 14:00 on May 31 at the Shenzhen Universiade Center Gymnasium. At this conference, not only will Xiaomi's annual flagship Mi 8 be officially unveiled, but also a variety of new products will be released together with the majority of consumers. meet. Among them, Xiaomi officials have confirmed that Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will attend. Today, there is still one day before the official launch of this conference, and Xiaomi officially released a poster to warm up this new product.

In the poster, the official wrote, "raise your hand, let the news come from all directions" and "#your progress can be seen#"; at the same time, the official caption is "directly display _____, raise your hand Let the news come from all directions", which should imply that this device has the function of raising the wrist to brighten the screen, let's wait and see.

In addition, according to earlier news from IT House, the price of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has been exposed, at 169 yuan. And for the design problem that the rice grains in the previous generation of bracelets are easy to fall off the strap, Lei Jun said that this time the wristband has been redesigned, and the fixed bracelet is very sturdy. At the same time, IT House also learned that the design of the new bracelet still maintains the long strip design of the previous two generations; in terms of functions, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is equipped with a heart rate sensor, the screen can slide up and down to switch functions, and slide left and right to switch items.

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