In recent years, with the increase of mobile phone functions, people’s demand for screen size is also growing. However, due to its need to take into account portability, it can only stay at about 6.5 inches at present.

However, mobile phone manufacturers are obviously not willing to stop here and launch folding screen mobile phones one after another, which brings a very serious problem, that is, the crease problem of flexible screen after numerous folds. Previously, Samsung, Huawei and other manufacturers’ mass-produced models all appeared serious crease phenomenon, which greatly affected the appearance.

In this regard, all mobile phone manufacturers are studying how to overcome the screen creases, and Xiaomi is no exception.

According to the latest report, Xiaomi company officially announced a new patent on folding screen on February 2, which is an invention patent named “supporting structure, flexible screen structure and terminal equipment of flexible screen”. The publication number is cn112306147a, and the application date is July 2019.

The patent abstract shows that the present disclosure relates to a flexible screen support structure, a flexible screen structure and a terminal device. The support module at least includes a first support module located at the lower part of the flexible screen and a second support module located at the corresponding position of the first opening

Xiaomi flexible screen patent is expected to remove creases

Xiaomi’s new patent reduces creases through mechanical structure

When the external force is removed, the deformation of the second support module is removed, and the flexible screen corresponding to the first opening is supported by the second support module, which can reduce the collapse probability of the flexible screen at the position of the first opening, thus making the appearance of the flexible screen smooth.

From the perspective of patent introduction, Xiaomi will adopt the method of optimizing the internal mechanical structure to effectively reduce the crease effect.

It is worth noting that the patent application date is July 2019, which means that Xiaomi’s first folding screen previously exposed is expected to be equipped with this scheme, which will be officially unveiled in the second half of this year.

According to the spy photos of the exposed engineering plane, the Xiaomi folding screen mobile phone runs the miui12 system, and the overall folding scheme similar to Samsung Galaxy zfold is adopted, which can better protect the folding screen from wear.

But the picture shows that the crease in the center is very obvious, but maybe because of the engineering machine, the machine is not equipped with the patented technology of this exposure, and the effect of this technology should be seen in the subsequent mass production machine. Let’s wait and see.

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